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How to get free iTunes Gift Card Codes

iTunes Gift Card Codes

iTunes is known for its applications in providing the best games and music experience. Many users, who have access to iTunes, prove to enjoy various music from various places and genres. However, many users have no access to iTunes.

One of the reasons for not accessing iTunes is because of its cost.  The big question is, where can you get free iTunes Gift Card Codes? We have compiled legit and straightforward ways you can have free iTunes. Have a look.

Pocket flip

Pocket Flip was launched in 2017 hence a new way of getting free iTunes gift cards. It is still under development, thus a great future for it. Various features make its use in the acquisition of free iTunes cards straightforward.

Pocket flip

The incredible thing is that it has positive reviews despite being new in the market. It is user friendly with a straight forward process. Depending on your location, you can have access to various gift cards, depending on your selection.

What you will do is to gather many Flip Points. You will then redeem the points with gift cards, which are eligible for use in amazon, google play, and iTunes gift cards.

Survey sites

Survey sites are other methods of getting free iTunes gift cards. Websites such as life points, Vindale research, SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars make great sources.  You will do simple surveys that get you paid with points.

After getting good points, you will have an opportunity to redeem them with various gifts. One of the uses you can easily employ is the free iTunes gift cards.

The survey process is simple. You can, therefore, get as many points as possible within a short time.


Cashpirate is a mobile app that you can easily download to your phone. After downloading, Cashpirate will enter the ALP VGF code that allows you to get 500 free coins.


The app allows you to access various surveys and download games. As you do all that, you will have your points increasing in number. After gathering a good number of issues, you can redeem them for free amazon gift cards, steam, PayPal cash, or free iTunes cards.

Therefore, you can choose to have your points used for getting free iTunes cards, which seems to be a better option. What you will do is to ensure that you have gathered an adequate number of points.

Gift Hulk

Most people are aware of online money based platforms. One of them is the Gift Hulk, which has many ways you can earn rewards with. The simple activities you will do is downloading free applications and doing tasks such as surveys.

Gift Hulk

You can therefore get many points within a short time. After getting many Hulk Coins, you have the option of spending the coins on several gift card options. It is, therefore, effortless for you to use the points for free iTunes gift cards.

The most amazing thing with Gift Hulk is that it has various categories of gift card options. Using the registration code offers you a guarantee of earning more money.

Social media

In this era, many people have access to various social media platforms. It is the most known way of getting free iTunes gift cards. A social platform such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat is the most common.

You can get points for reposting or retweeting content. All that is needed is to have an account with the specific company that is offering the points.

It is also widespread to find contests being organized via social media platforms. Due to the simplicity of using social media, many people participate in the competitions. Most of the winners end up getting awarded with gift cards such as free iTunes gift cards.


AppKarma is one of the mobile apps that you can use for getting free iTunes gift cards. All you will do is download the app, which comes with prompts to try free apps, watch videos, and complete surveys.


The payment for doing all this is that you get awarded points. Once you have downloaded the app, you will use the Karma Code as a reference to start getting free points. The more you have many people using the code, the more Karmas you make.

You can then redeem the points by getting free iTunes gift cards. The unique thing with this app is that it has very high ratings.

Promotion of products

One of the best methods to earn points is by promoting products. Many companies do online marketing, then pay the promoters using points or gift cards. You will need to browse through websites and get those that will offer you promotion opportunities.

You can also choose those that specifically pay using free iTunes gift cards.


This article has real and proven ways that will make you get free iTunes gift cards and codes. You can, therefore, have access to premium apps and premium music quickly. Our methods are tested and proven to be very useful.

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