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Free Overwatch Accounts in 2020

Free Overwatch Accounts

Are you looking for a free Overwatch account? This could be a challenging task, especially if you don’t know exactly where to find them. Overwatch accounts make it very simple for you to jump into action.

For that reason, we have carried out our research and come up with methods that you can use to get your Overwatch accounts for free. Here is a guide to enlighten you.

Battle-Net App

Battle-Net app is a kind of entertainment that allows you to have access to Overwatch using your pc. It is created by Blizard entertainment and has times when it is free to play. However, you will have to closely follow forums and threads related to Overwatch to know when it is available for free.

Battle-Net App

Below are steps you can easily follow to play Overwatch for free.

  1. Launch and visit the official page of Overwatch via your browser. The preferable browser to use for this case is google chrome.
  2. Sign up or log in to your Blizard account. If you have an existing account, ensure that you have signed in. if you don’t have an account, you will need to create one. Another option for logging in is by the use of Facebook.
  3. Browse and install the app after downloading it. The app is downloadable via the Blizard official site. Once downloaded, you can log into your Blizard account.
  4. Access the file location of the by right-clicking
  5. Use the shift command on your keyboard, then right-click the screen to open the command windows.
  6. Copy and paste this link code. –game=prometheus –install
  7. You will straight away see a notification pop on the screen showing that the initialization process is underway.
  8. Enjoy your gaming

Use of money making apps to earn an Overwatch account for free.

Money making apps have become a trend in this digital era. There are many apps available that people use to make either money or gifts online.

Earning is by completing simple tasks such as surveys and many others. One of the rewards for such errands is an Overwatch account. Below are some of the apps.


Lifepoints is an app available via the website. You will visit the official website and create an account. After completing setting your account, you will have access to several tasks that you can do, depending on how it favors you.


For each completed task, you will earn a gift, PSN code, or PayPal cash. Among the items available is an Overwatch account. If it is missing, you can use the PayPal cash to buy one.


SurveyJunkie is an app that allows you to undertake several survey related tasks.


The good thing is that you will earn rewards, but you will need to create an account at the initial stage. Once the studies are done, you will get tips such as an Overwatch account or cash to help you buy an account.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another app that allows you to get an overwatch account quickly. All you will need to do is to create an account and do a few assignments. You can choose tasks that are suitable for you, do them, and get the points.

Vindale Research

After getting many points, you can redeem them for an account with Overwatch. On redeeming, you will get a code that allows you to have access to an Overwatch account.

Change browser cookies

One of the least known ways of getting a free Overwatch account is by changing browser cookies. Is it not a surprise! Below is the simple process of getting an Overwatch account by changing browser settings.

  1. Open your browser. The most preferred browser is Google Chrome.
  2. Ensure you add the  EditThisCookie extension to your browser. However, other browsers have this option, too but maybe slightly different.
  3. You can then copy the cookies that have paid the Overwatch account to your browser.
  4. You will then have quick access to Overwatch on your computer for free.

Free Overwatch accounts

Another option of getting a free Overwatch account is by using those that are donated by various players. Interestingly, we have generous players who donate accounts with their passwords for ease of access.

You can quickly browse and get a few accounts that are available on the internet. The significant challenges you will experience with these accounts is that the users keep changing their passwords. Some accounts and passwords also end up getting banned because of multiple access.

However, you can browse through the internet and get a trusted account seller who will offer you a personalized account. It is a cheaper and more beneficial process.


It is effortless to get an Overwatch account for free. The article has made the work easier for you. Employing the methods in this article will offer you an incredible reward. Get your free account and begin to enjoy your sessions.

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