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How to Increase Instagram Followers : a Short Guide for Newbies in 2023

Increase Instagram Followers

It seems that every second active Internet user has at least once thought about creating their own blog on Instagram. This is not surprising, the platform already has about 1.2 billion monthly visitors, and this figure is constantly growing. Today we can say that Insta has become one of the main marketing tools.

It is used not only by influencers and creators of digital content, but also by entrepreneurs and brand representatives. Becoming popular on the site is not an impossible dream, but a reality. Well, if you decide to try to develop your online career and get some attention online, you’ll need to know about ways to promote and use effective methods.

In the article we’ve collected all the necessary information that you’ll need at the initial stage. We’ll tell you about the best ways to attract an audience today. All these methods are proven and effective; they are used not only by beginners, but also by well-known bloggers to improve social authority and visibility of content. Keep reading!

Short clips have become popular not so long ago. The developers added this format less than a year ago, and still not all creators have started using it in their blogs. But we wouldn’t recommend you to follow their example.Reels is an effective tool with which you can attract more new viewers to your account. The platform’s algorithms are aimed at making this format as popular as possible; text posts with photos are no longer as relevant as they were a few years ago. For you, as a novice blogger, this is a real chance to become more famous in the thematic community and promote your account.

But keep in mind that the competition is already big even here : not all clips are trending. Why? Many of them don’t receive enough interactions, respectively, the algorithms don’t consider the content valuable and interesting. To ensure your success and gain additional support, you can use the opportunity to buy Instagram Reels comments, likes or all at once. This way you’ll be sure that your creativity will not be left without attention and will receive more interactions from target viewers. Here’s how short clips can help you expand your audience, it works!

  • Cross posting 

Your target audience is not only on IG, it’s a fact. According to statistics, most users also have personal pages on other resources, such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and others. They spend time on all these sites: watching videos, following their favorite creators, commenting and liking content. This means that you can try their attention on other sites and encourage them to visit your new account.

It’s pretty simple, all you’ve to do is upload new content to different sites and attach a link to the original source. But don’t publish everything, it’s better to choose those posts that have received a lot of interactions. In this case, your creativity will look more attractive in the eyes of visitors to the page. 

It’s great if you already have a few loyal subscribers on these sites that support your creativity. Tell them about your endeavors and ask them to visit a new account. To warm up their interest, offer them a nice bonus (wishlist, guide or something else) for fulfilling simple conditions: subscription and likes. You’ll see an amazing result: after a while, the fan base will expand significantly and you’ll become closer to your goal.

  • Focus on the right hashtags

Contrary to many stereotypes, keywords haven’t lost their power. They’re still one of the main ways to promote publications. Yes, it is really ineffective if you add unknown words or tags that are not relevant to your content. But the correct use of keywords can obviously have a positive impact on the promotion of posts to the top. 

Start small: study the pages of competitors and bloggers from a neighboring niche, analyze which posts received a lot of likes, comments and saves. Take those tags from these publications from them and start experimenting. But don’t try to include as many tags as possible, to begin with, it will be enough to have 3-5 words, in the future you can add a couple more pieces if necessary.

  • Launch targeted ads

Targeted advertising is one of the most effective tools created by developers to promote on the platform. The advantages of this ad are that only potential subscribers see your ads. That is, you invest in making users know about you. But keep in mind that the page should already have good statistical indicators, enough subscribers and a lot of interactions.

This will encourage users to click on the “follow” button, they’re used to following those who have already proven their social authority and the value of content. Invest little by little to provide your promotion with additional support. Good luck!

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