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How to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Engagement on Your Page

How to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Engagement on Your Page

Facebook allows users to connect with friends, work colleagues, and many unknown people. Did you find your lost classmate through it as I did? It allows users to share pictures, videos, music, and articles. Facebook Like is a button that enables users to easily interact with status updates, photos, videos, comments, links shared by friends, and advertisements. Clicking a button below a post means that the person enjoyed the post. Like comments, everyone can see the number of likes on the post.

” Like us on Facebook ” has become a very popular phrase. In 2007, Friend Feed, a social networking platform, was the first to allow users to click the like button next to a social media post. Then, in 2009, Facebook added this identical feature to its platform. Since then, the user has been trying to figure out how to get maximum likes on the posts.

Facebook engagement means any action someone takes on the Facebook page or post, like reactions, comments, likes, and shares. It may also include sharing, viewing a video, or clicking on a link. It simply means how many people interact with the post. Increasing engagement means getting more likes on the post from the people who see it. There are many tips to increase Facebook page likes and engagement. Check them here:

1.Know your Audience

Spend a good time curating the content. Plan the content by keeping the audience in mind. The audience should get engaged with the content. Content completely relies on data from the specific context. There are many tools to analyze the data. Content based on specific data will get more likes.

2.Post when the audience is active

One way to get more likes is to post when the audience is more active. The creator is not supposed to post chronologically. First, find the best time to post on Facebook. Then, proceed to post the content. You can find it through the account’s performance. Once the creator figures out the specific time to post, he will post consistently to get more likes.

3.Strong social media marketing

The creator thinks before scheduling a Facebook post. How the post will achieve the marketing goals is seen first. The creator will analyze the social media marketing plans before creating and posting content on their Facebook page. Thus, posts will get increased likes.

4.Facebook Trends

The Facebook page will attract a larger audience if it is up-to-date. The users are looking for content that’s relevant to them. Facebook promotes Facebook Reels, which are the fastest-growing format. The creator gets more likes from the short-form video content. The user wants content that has full information about the brand. Set up a Facebook shop to meet the audience’s needs. To increase the likes, use Facebook’s live shopping feature. Don’t walk with the outgoing trend blindly. The creator should follow the trend only if it benefits the business.

5.To pin a popular post

When one pins a popular post, it appears more visible to the audience on Facebook. It will increase the likes on the post. As more users will see the post, they gain more likes.

6.Facebook Influencers

Working with influencers can increase Facebook likes. The content is engaged more when the influencer speaks directly to the targeted audience. When the brand and the influencer work together, both sides benefit from the exposure.


Organic reach is declining on social media. Without paid promotions, only 5% of the followers will see the brand’s post. But if the creator runs advertisements on the Facebook page, more of the audience will see and like the post.

More audiences will respond if they see the ad of the brand. You can try Buy Quality Likes. Well, what it does is pretty exciting! You can choose your plan and get Facebook likes at your convenience. They deliver your order from the active accounts.


The creator takes advantage of cross-promotion. 99% of followers on Facebook have accounts on other social media platforms. To increase the post’s visibility, the creator should promote the specific content on other social media platforms. It will help the audience to stay up-to-date. Thus, increased visibility will lead to more likes on the posts.

Extend organic reach through Facebook engagement. Based on the Facebook algorithm, engagement helps boost your newsfeed placement. One can witness the audience’s extended network through the likes and shares of the posts. Thus, engagement indicates that the audience is well engaged. A few tips to increase engagement are here:

1.Understand your Audience

The wants and needs of the audience matter when the creator seeks engagement. It is very difficult to understand the wants and needs of the audience. Facebook Page Insights provides many useful information about the audience. The creator can only make meaningful connections with followers by studying the information carefully.

2.Short Post

Most people use Facebook on their regular gadgets like mobile phones. To capture attention quickly, the post should be sweet and short. Short and simple posts will attract users. They will stop scrolling and will engage with the post.

3.Quality Posts

The audience gets excited if one posts quality informative content. Quality content doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Facebook recommends keeping posts simple with a steady color scheme and recognizable images.

4.Inform, teach, and entertain

Facebook audiences will want to engage with content that will make them smile, think, or improve their lives somehow. They will like to engage with content that will give them useful information, teach them about something, or entertain them.

5.Use images

When one posts a photo on a Facebook post, it sees higher-than-average engagement rates. Simple shots work well. Facebook always suggests a customer photo or a product photo. Photos taken from the mobile phone are enough to post on Facebook.

6.Post a video or broadcast live

Video posts see even more engagement than photo posts. Videography can also be simple and inexpensive. Shoot videos with a mobile phone. Facebook live videos see the highest engagement on Facebook.

7.Respond to followers

If a follower comments on a post, the creator must reply to the comment. The follower who engages with the post will want the creator to engage in return. There should be a team who should respond to all the comments.

8.Ask a question

Asking questions is a great way to engage with the followers. It will kick off active comment threads. The creator can also take information from the fans about the content they want to see. The creator should give the fans what they ask for. This targeted content will inspire more engagement.

9.Post consistently

The creator should schedule Facebook posts using a social media management tool. The creator should use Facebook Page Insights to learn when the audience is active on Facebook. Facebook says that the post gets more engagement if the fans are online. Be regular in posting content. Social media experts say one should content twice or thrice a week.

10.Facebook Group

Create groups on Facebook to involve and engage fans. More than 1.8 billion people are believed to be a part of Facebook groups. Are you one of them? Meaningful group interaction can create brand loyalty and increase engagement on the Facebook page.

11.Facebook stories

Have you ever checked the Facebook stories at the top of the newsfeed? They add ideas about what your Facebook friends are doing or feeling. Facebook stories are used daily by 500 million people. This informal way of posting will help the creator to make a stronger personal connection with the followers. This connection will help the audience to engage more.

12.Call -to action button

Beyond liking, sharing, and commenting, a call-to-action button gives people Facebook engagement. The call-to-action button will ask viewers to book appointments, watch videos, shop a product, etc.

13.Verified Badge

People want to know who they are talking to. A verified Badge will show the visitors that the creator is genuine. The users can feel safe engaging with the post.

14.Boost Facebook posts

To increase the chance of engagement, you can boost a Facebook post on the Facebook platform. This type of Facebook advertisement allows the post to be in front of more people.

15.Giveaways and Competition

People love gifts. To get people more engaged in the page, Try giveaways and competitions. A giveaway will get more likes on Facebook and boost brand engagement simultaneously.

The tips will help to increase Facebook likes and followers’ engagement. The above tips will increase brand awareness, skyrocket user engagement, and boost the Facebook page. These tips will improve the business in the long run. It will also reach more potential customers with ease.

Wrapping up

Increasing Facebook page likes is simple if you are ready to go with the abovementioned things. Just remember, content rules, and you need to create accordingly. Rule the social networking world with consistency and quality. Be persistent and add more worth through what you share on your page. Social networking platforms are the new normal for almost every possible thing. To conquer this, just ensure your profile is never out of sight!



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