How to Maintain Car’s Paint Condition

Maintain Car Paint Look

Cars are supposed to look clean and shiny all the time. The fact about cars is that no one likes dirty and rough looking cars. The car’s look brings the impression about the car’s owner but most of us don’t know how to maintain that look.

The condition of car paint shows how much your car is in a good position. In fact, many car dealers measure the worth of the car with it’s pant condition. There are some misconceptions and misunderstandings about car care that must be discussed with all of you.

We’ll go through some of the best and easy tips one may follow to keep maintaining the look o the car’s paint condition. No need to worry about following those tips because they won’t require any high-level auto detailing experience. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go down and get to know how can we protect our car’s paint. We’ll go through some of the best and easy tips one may follow to keep maintaining the look o the car’s paint condition, such as sanding your car’s paint.

Simple Tips To Maintain Car Paint Look

Some of you might be not able to care for your car due to a busy schedule but your car needs your time and attention. You can’t compromise when it comes to the car and its paint look. We’ll go through some easy things you need to keep in mind for proper car care.

1- Use Car Soap Only

The most common mistake we all do is that we wash our car with any ordinary bath soap or a dish detergent. The issue is that this type of dish soaps are made for removing greasy stubborn oily particles.

Use Car Soap Only

Using them on your car might damage your car’s paint oils which is not a good thing at all. It is highly recommended to use a professional car wash soap that is made only for washing cars. Going through Car Wash Tricks Buying Guide will definitely help you find the right car soap or any other car detailing products as per need.

2- Use Car Wash Mitt

During washing our cars, most of us use rough rags to apply soap and cleaning the car. These types of rough and non-soft clothes might bring any kinds of marks or scratches on our car.

Use Car Wash Mitt

The best thing to use during car wash is the car wash mitt. This microfiber car wash mitt is specifically made for washing cars in a smooth and gentle way without bringing any damage to the car paint body.

3- Dry with Microfiber Cloth

Another thing that we don’t realize is that we can’t use any type of material fabric on our car. Our car paint demands smooth cleaning and drying as well.

Dry with Microfiber Cloth

Using dirty or any rough cloths for drying your car will definitely cause some sort of imperfections onto your car surface. Following this concern, we’d like to suggest you use a microfiber cloth only for drying your car gently.

4- Wax Your Car

Washing a car is not enough at all to maintain the original look and shine of your car’s paint. You would have to put extra effort and time to do so. In order to protect and deliver shine to your car paint, it is recommended to use car wax after every three months.

Wax Your Car

Waxing a car will add a protective coating layer onto your car’s paint surface.  Car wax protects the surface of your car paint against all containments and elements like extreme weather, dust, sun UV rays, etc. You can use any professional paste wax to bring that flawless cleaning and shine to your car surface.

5- Polish When Required

In case your car has lost its original color and look totally, you are supposed to polish your car. You can’t polish your car every three months like car wax. It is important to know that you have to polish your car only when your car paint is in bad condition loaded with many imperfections.

Also, the thing we must be aware of is that polish protection lasts for more than a year, unlike car wax. So, polish your car when you want to restore the lost condition and look of your car paint. One thing more is that both Polish and car wax are different at work they are not the same as many take both as same.

6- Avoid Parking Under Sun

As sun rays are harmful to our eyes, the same case applies to car paint. Direct and continuous fall of sun UV rays will burn and fade the original paint color of your car which is the worst case. So, whenever you park your car make sure that it is under the shade or within the garage away from harmful UV sun rays.


On a concluding note, we can say that every one of us can maintain the condition of our car’s paint. All we have to do is to keep all do’s and don’ts of car care in our mind. There are some mistakes that we do while caring for our car, we need to fix those to bring results.

We came to know that only specific car soap must be used for soft cleaning. We’ve realized the importance of car wash mitt and microfiber cloth. Also, we came to know the difference between car wax and polish.

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