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How to optimize PrestaShop for SEO?

optimize PrestaShop for SEO

To build an eCommerce store, you need a proper platform that will handle online sales. PrestaShop is a tool for creating e-shops with various features dedicated to this type of business. It’s one of the top 10 systems that power such websites worldwide. If you pick it as your provider, you have to know how to optimize it for search engines.

Why? Because every website, including eCommerce, requires recognition and traffic to succeed. Competing with other online stores is difficult, but with a well-curated SEO strategy, you can definitely become a leader within your niche. Check out these tips and tricks focused on PrestaShop SEO optimization.

SEO as usual

PrestaShop stores are no different from any other website around the internet. That means the majority of SEO activities should be exactly the same as when optimizing an ordinary website or an e-store prepared on another platform.

Start with keywords – what are you selling? What will people write in the search box when looking for your products? Pick phrases that are not too general (e.g. shoes), but more specific (e.g. shoes for weddings, faux leather shoes, or shoes for men).

Another thing you should invest your time and efforts in is content creation. Writing informative product descriptions, insightful category pages, and useful blog posts will give your PrestaShop store value appreciated by the users. This way, you will build your reputation and authority, which also boosts your position in the search engines and drives more sales.

What else can I do?

Start with creating meta descriptions and titles with keywords adjusted to your business. Then create an XML sitemap and robots.txt for the algorithm to easier crawl through your website and index it.

Check out if your theme is mobile-friendly and take care of your store’s performance to ensure proper (meaning as short as possible) loading speed. See if there’s any duplicated content and if yes – change it. These are the basic technicalities you should remember when optimizing your eCommerce store built with PrestaShop.

Don’t forget about the visual aspect of your e-shop. Prepare high-quality images for your products. They shouldn’t be too big or heavy to not slow down your website.

Add alt texts to them, so Google can “see” what is on the pictures. That’s quite important for your SEO score. Also, make use of your blog and add attractive images to your posts. Infographics are an excellent way to boost SEO, as they are highly sharable.

Off-site SEO

Next is link building. Before you begin off-site, focus on the on-site.  Create an internal linking structure where keywords take the users to other pages on your website. Search engines promote the brands that do this. Then get some external links – meaning outside your own website. You can do that by guest posting on blogs and portals or getting mentioned by influencers, but remember they have to be proven! Links in low-quality sources won’t elevate your SEO.

Last but not least, pay attention to your social media marketing. It’s a great way to support SEO efforts and make your online shop even more recognizable.

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