How to Pick the Best Spark Plug Gap Tool in 2020?

How to Pick the Best Spark Plug Gap Tool in 2020

The term “spark plug gap tool” might sound like rocket science to some people, but it is in fact a rather simple tool. It’s definitely a good item to own because you never know when you might need it. Rather than finding yourself in a pinch, you should prepare and pick up a spark plug gap tool in advance.

A gapping tool helps you manually open the gap to match the exact factory measurement that your car owner’s manual recommends. This, in turn, improves the efficiency and performance of your vehicle’s spark plug. A spark plug, with correct gapping, will put out a spark large enough to ignite the air and fuel mixture found in your engine.

As the spark plug plays such a crucial role, it’s important to give it the most optimal working conditions possible. That can only be achieved with the best spark plug gap tool. But how do you find the best one in a market flooded with options? This is where we come in — with this complete buying guide to best spark plug gap tools in 2020!

Why Should I Buy a Gap Tool?

The air to fuel ratio is what encourages people to buy a gap tool in the first place. Without the correct gap — and trust us, this has to be rather meticulously measured — your car’s engine will not perform at its best. The right gap tool produces a bright, powerful spark and helps you adjust the gap to match what the manufacturer recommends.

What Might Happen Without Using a Gap Tool?

Without using a spark plug gap tool, there are two scenarios that may occur.

  • The gap gets too big. If the gap expands too much in relation to what the manufacturer recommends, it might resist the spark or even not create one at all.
  • The gap is too small. In those cases, it will still produce a spark, but it will be feeble and it won’t produce the desired effect.
  • A spark plug gap tool also protects your car and your car’s engine. It defends the electrodes from burning away as it adjusts the direction of alignment. Not using one can have strongly adverse effects on your car, which is why it’s important that you get one just in case.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Spark Plug Gap Tool

Choosing the best spark plug gap tool is no easy feat and it’s good to refer to credible sources. Whether you need a spare or you’re tired of your inadequate model, there are things you need to consider when shopping for a plugging tool.

We have years of experience in the car industry, so what might seem like black magic at first glance is an everyday business to us! The purpose of our guide is to share our expert knowledge with you and help you make the right decision. What do you need to look at when shopping for a spark plug gap tool?


The materials affect which kind of spark plug you should get. Here are some of the most common materials.

  • Copper and nickel — This is the most common kind of spark plug gap tools. The outer surface is made out of copper while the inside of the plugging tool is coated with a nickel mixture. These plug tools are cheap and easily found, but their downside lies in their longevity — you can’t expect them to last for too long.
  • Iridium — Iridium is the #1 material to go for if you want something durable. It’s a very hard material, but it’s breakable. This is why you should go for a wire-loop style instead of a circular one.
  • Platinum — Spark plug tools coated in platinum are durable as well. It’s a long-lasting, top quality material. While these cost a little bit more than copper plugs, they’re a worthwhile investment.
  • Silver — Silver is the highest electrically conductive material of all of them. Argentum is another such material. They do not resist the electric charge so they’re highly conductive. These plugs are mostly used in Europe.


It’s much better to buy a top-quality spark plug gap tool from a reputable brand than to settle for a poor quality model. Make sure you consult industry experts before picking a brand.


You need to be able to see the markings on your tool without any issues, so make sure you pick one with laser-cut markings.


The best spark plug gap tool will arrive at your home already calibrated. Make sure you pick one that is pre-calibrated and ready to use. This will save you a lot of hassle.

What gap should my spark plugs be?

This is a common question and the answers are not too easy to find. This depends on the manufacturer, but a general rule of thumb is to keep it around 0.55″. Check your car’s make and model to make sure this is true for your vehicle.


We hope that our mini-guide to the best spark plugs in 2020 has helped you find your way around these tools! If you find yourself thirsty for some knowledge, don’t forget to check out reputable sources to learn more!

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