How to Remove Stains From Upholstery?

Remove Stains From Upholstery

Every item of your house including clothes, rugs, and curtains can get stained and your furniture upholstery is no exception to the fact. Couch stains are inevitable, as you are going to enjoy your wine on the sofas after a long day. Or without a

Stains and food spill accidents happen with everyone. However, when you love your couch upholstery, being aware of the stain removal tips may help in saving the integrity of the furniture. In this blog, learn about the most common type of upholstery stains and how to perform Upholstery Cleaning Sunshine Coast.

6 Most Common Upholstery Stains

Stains From Upholstery

  • Wine Stains

Whether there are wild parties at your home or you love gulping down delicious wines while watching your favorite drama, some accidents are bound to happen with your furniture upholstery. When wine stains happen you can go straight to panic modes. But with effective tips for sofa cleaning sunshine coast,you can treat wine stains at home with ease.

Just follow a few steps for preventing your precious upholstery from getting wine stains. Use blotting paper or dry towel for absorbing wine, and avoid scrubbing the stained area. Apply the solution of baking soda and water on the wine spill and let it sit for a few hours. Repeat the steps till wine stains are removed completely. Seek professional help for Upholstery Cleaning for effective services.

  • Ink Stains

Ink stains are taken lightly by several couch owners. However, ink stains do severe damage to the upholstery than red wine spills. When there are kids at your home thenthe chances of ink stain spills increase drastically. Your ink-stained upholstery has lower market value and doesn’t appear artistic at all. Therefore, in situations of ink spills, you must act quickly for performing couch cleaning Sunshine Coast.

For treatment of ink stains on upholstery, you can use white vinegar with alcohol. Using a towel or cloth apply the solution to the stains and avoid rubbing as the ink stains may spread even more. Alternatively, the use of toothpaste along with alcohol is also suggested for the treatment of ink stains on the upholstery. In case of severe ink, spills consider contacting professionals for sofa cleaning Sunshine Coast.

  • Coffee Stains

Just because you are a coffee addict does not mean you are equally careful and attentive. If you have a habit of enjoying your coffee on the couches, then accidental spills are likely to happen. Those brown stains can appear ugly and damage the beauty of your precious upholstery therefore using DIY tricks is necessary.

For instant upholstery stain treatment initiate with bloating the coffee using a dry towel or tissue paper. Make a solution using liquid detergent, white vinegar, and warm water and apply it to the coffee stains. Let the solution sit for a few minutes. If the coffee stains don’t appear faded then you must avail of professional services for couch cleaning Sunshine Coast.

  • Butter and Oil

Oily and greasy food isn’t just harmful to your health but also bad for your precious upholstered furniture. Greasy stains may or may not remain visible on your upholstery instantly. However, with time, the oily stains attract more dirt and make your upholstery look dull. Treatment of oily stains may seem challenging but there are a few tips you can try for upholstery cleaning Sunshine Coast.

You can try sprinkling baking soda on the greasy stains and let it sit for a few minutes. The dry powder soaks up oil and makes your upholstery appear clean. For removing the baking soda use a vacuum cleaner. In case if you can still get some oil on your fingers, then apply liquid soap on the stained area and rub it gently using a brush. Rinse it using a dry towel or blotting paper.

  • Pet Stains

The furry member of your family may bring a lot of joy in your life, but they also bring stains and dirt along. Pets often leave urine stains and muddy stains on the couches. Controlling your pets doesn’t happen in one day. Therefore, by the time you train your pets to not climb up the couches, you must know the tips for removing upholstery stains.

For treatment of upholstery urine stains caused by your furry friends, you should make a solution of white vinegar and cool water. Spray the solution on the stained area without soaking the upholstery. Use a dry towel or a piece of cloth for removing the pet stains. For effective results, avail expert services for sofa cleaning Sunshine Coast.


Knee scratches, bloody nose, paper cuts, or shaving mistakes, your upholstery can get stained from blood with these incidents. In the case of bloodstains on the upholstery, your response time plays an important role. When the blood dries out it leaves permanent stains that are hard to remove. Therefore you must act quickly in removing the blood stains caused on your upholstery.

The best ingredient for the treatment of bloodstains on the upholstery is the use of white vinegar and hot water. Dab the stained area using a clean cloth, and see the results in 10-15 minutes. If the bloodstains are still visible you must avail of professional services for couch cleaning Sunshine Coast.

Paint Stains

Once the water-based paint dries it is difficult to remove from the upholstery. You must act fast while the paint is wet. For removing water-based paints, applying warm water on the upholstery does the job. However, for removing oil-based paints, you need to use thinner or turpentine. Apply the thinner on the stained area of the upholstery and it will be removed with a few scrubbing.

In case there already has been a tremendous delay in treatment of stains, then avail expert services for sofa cleaning Sunshine Coast.


Keep your upholstery safe and stain-free by using these tips. These are a few most common stains caused to upholstery, and being aware of the DIY tricks can save your valuable upholstery. For expert and effective results of stain removal avail professional services for upholstery cleaning Sunshine Coast.

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