How to Use Custom-Printed Stickers for Cars to Create Mobile Billboards

How to Use Custom-Printed Stickers for Cars to Create Mobile Billboards

The concept of using mobile billboards to promote businesses is nothing new. A mobile billboard is a promotional item that, as the name suggests, is mobile. Large companies frequently invest in truck signs, custom-painted busses, etc., and use them as mobile billboards for marketing gains. Guess what? Mobile billboards are extremely effective.

Compared to all other “out-of-home” (OOH) advertising tools, billboards have the highest reach. 80% of the population sees billboard ads every year – many of these ads are on trucks, cars, busses, etc. Top brands love using mobile billboards because they captivate the attention of passers-by while traveling long distances.

How can smaller brands gain such great exposure without spending large amounts of money on truck or bus billboards? By using custom-printed stickers for cars! If your small business has cars, you can convert them into mobile billboards by covering them with custom-printed stickers. Here’s how installing promotional stickers on your company cars can benefit your brand –

Long-Distance Exposure

Unlike your other advertising tools, your custom-printed stickers will constantly be on the move. Wherever your company cars travel – so do they. There are no limits to their exposure. Absolutely anyone can install these stickers on their cars – your relatives, friends, customers, etc.

There are also no limitations on what types of businesses can use these stickers. Any business can use them anywhere to captivate the attention of target audiences passing by on foot or by car.

Cost-Effective Tool 

Smaller companies stay away from mobile billboards because they’re expensive. With low-cost vinyl stickers, even small companies can now engage in this highly effective form of advertising. Business owners can order large sets of custom-printed vinyl stickers without breaking the bank.

24X7 Advertising

Whether your company vehicles are static or moving – your custom-printed stickers will keep promoting your brand. You can park your company vehicles outside your store to let people know about your brand. However, car stickers work best when they’re on the move. People are far likelier to be attracted to moving signs and posters on cars.

Target Specific Areas

Another great advantage of using mobile billboards is the ability to target specific locations. For example, a small sports company can drive cars covered with custom stickers near stadiums. Or, a new fashion company can drive its customized company vehicles near shopping malls.

Vinyl stickers are reusable, so there’s no limit to how business owners can use them. It doesn’t matter how you use the stickers on your cars or how you design them. You can use them to gain brand exposure in specific locations and inside specific communities. This type of geo-targeting is rarely possible with other low-cost, physical marketing tools.

Final Take – Are Custom Stickers Good Marketing Tools for Your Company?

For business owners that can’t afford to launch super-expensive digital marketing campaigns, customizable stickers offer a great alternative. As long as the stickers are designed professionally, and they represent your brand well – they’ll do wonders for your company. Plus, these stickers are very cheap, so it won’t cost companies much to just try them out!

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