How to Wear a Wallet Chain With Any Outfit

How to Wear a Wallet Chain With Any Outfit

Few things in life are as frustrating as losing out on money that you worked hard to earn. Another big life frustration rampant today is having your information or identity stolen. Both of these things are at stake if you happen to lose your wallet or have it taken from you.

According to a survey, more than 60% of people have lost their wallet before, or have had it stolen from them.

The wallet chain offers an excellent way to make your wallet more secure in your pocket or otherwise on your person. What’s more, these chains are also a fashion statement that you can mix and match with a wide variety of outfits.

So, what can you do to get the most out of this excellent accessory? The points below will steer you in the right direction.

Choose a Universal Wallet Chain

The first thing you can do to get the most out of your wallet chain is purchase one that’s universal. Think of it as a daily wear item that can go with any outfit that you put on.

In order to accomplish this, you need the chain to be neutral enough to match virtually every option. This typically means that you can both dress it up and keep it casual. Purchasing a silver-colored chain is also a good bet if you want it to be universal.

Use your discretion when purchasing the wallet chain and you’ll stand a better chance of being able to mix and match it with all of your outfits.

Make it as Stylish as Possible

Universality aside, you’ll be able to wear your wallet chain with more options when it’s stylish. This lets the chain accentuate your outfits rather than distract from them. Let the chain be a conversation starter that shows off your personality and fashion sense.

You can check out this chain wallet for an example of some wallet styles that are eclectic and creative. There’s a style of chain that works for everyone, so shop around to explore your options.

Consider the Back Pocket Wallet

Wearing your wallet chain in your back pocket is the easiest way to make it understated and less distracting. There are several wallet chains available that are intended for wear in the back pocket.

Doing this lets you keep your wallet chain as a fashion piece, while also being more discrete about it.

Find a Quality Wallet

It’s also easier to appreciate the way that your wallet chain looks when it is attached to a high-quality wallet. While some people wear the chain in a way that keeps the wallet buried deep in their pocket, others allow the wallet to stick out a bit.

If you go with the latter, make sure that the wallet is also stylish and creative. This way, you’re better able to showcase it without it also being a distraction to your wardrobe.

Figure out what wallet size and style works for you and go with it. Some people purchase wallet and chain combinations that match immediately. If you purchase them separately, make sure that the wallet style complements your fashion sense and personality. Choose colors that also go well with just about any wardrobe item that you wear.

You should also make certain that the wallet is functional for you. It should come with enough compartments for you to keep your cards, cash, and IDs. Combining these elements lets you get a daily wear wallet that will also go well with your chain.

Set Your Fashion Up to Accentuate the Wallet

Rather than solely focusing on your wallet matching your outfits, make sure that the reverse is also true. Think of your wallet when putting together your outfits, and wear those that allow you to show off your chain.

This way, you won’t have to force the issue and will be able to get as much as you can from the accessory. It’s especially important to do this if you’d like your wallet chain to be a regular part of your fashion.

Use it With Other Accessories

You can also combine your wallet chain with other accessories. This adds some diversity to the way that you wear it and can also let you show off your other items.

Many women use wallet chains to complement their purses and handbags. You can put the wallet inside the purse with the attached chain hanging out. A wallet chain can also go well with a backpack, messenger bag, clutch, and several other fashion accessories.

Double Up on the Chains

Sometimes, two chains are better than one. If you didn’t learn this from a certain music artist, find out for yourself by combining multiple wallet chains. It adds several style points and can help you express yourself in a different way.

This is especially useful if you’ve been wearing a single wallet chain a lot lately and want to add some extra pizazz. You can use identical chains, or pair them with one of another color, style, or size.

Wear it Neatly and Securely

Finally, make sure that your wallet chain is always worn in a way that puts correct wear and presentation at the forefront. Take some time to straighten it out in the mirror, making sure that the spring hook, wallet clasp, and other parts are all in order.

Arrange it in a way that showcases the chain, and never wear it sloppily.


Get the Most From Your Wallet Chain

If you use a wallet chain using the tips above, it’s far easier for you to mix and match it with any outfit in your wardrobe. Use these tips so that you can get the most out of your next chain wallet purchase.

Check out our other posts so that you can learn more tips to help you bring your fashion to life.

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