How To Wear Your Skull Necklace? 8 Tips for Sharp Dressers

Skull Necklace

Necklaces have been found in the wardrobes of men, women, and children since the dawn of time. In the past, necklaces referred to religion or social status of a person.

Not so long ago, many societies relegated necklaces as ornaments solely for women. However, more and more men enjoy wearing stylish and eye-catching necklaces, too. While necklaces are still symbols of femininity, now there are many models that ooze pure masculinity.

Do you enjoy wearing necklaces? Would you rather prefer a men’s skull necklace or a classic design suitable for the business environment? With these on-point style tips, you’ll be able to get the best necklace matching your personality.

Define your style

A necklace that rests on your neck or chest will define your style. A necklace’s material, color, finishing, thickness, style, and size will tell the people around you more about your persona that any words could. Even if you take materials alone, they will convey a lot of interesting information about you.

For instance, sophisticated and self-asserted men prefer gold or silver necklaces, wood is chosen by relaxed and adventurous guys, leather will suit youthful and energetic dudes, while metal (steel, titan, etc.) is ideal for rebellious and seductive natures.

Less is more

The best style advice is to wear one necklace at a time. Don’t listen to it if you are going for the head-to-toe rapper style or you have a religion that requires you to rock several necklaces at once.

Make it cohesive with your outfits

Some necklaces a versatile meaning you can wear them with literally everything. A simple thin gold or silver chain is exactly among these neck pieces. But if you want to wear something different than a discreet necklace, you need to be careful in how you accessorize yourself. The same necklace won’t pair with a suit, t-shirt, a short sleeve shirt, vest, etc.

Over and Under

There are many models that look grand both when wearing under an unbuttoned shirt and over it. Dare to experiment. Dare to look different. It is worth taking a risk if the rules of good taste are kept in mind.

Be careful with accessories

You don’t want your accessories to be in your face, so you should be careful when teaming up your necklace with rings, bracelets, watches, belt buckles, earrings, and other items.

The rule of thumb says that it’s best to put on no more than two accessories at the same time. The best combinations are a watch and necklace, bracelet and necklace, and ring and necklace. The idea is not to look ornate or over-hanged with stuff, unless you want to break the mold.

Tell me what you want to achieve and I will tell you what you lack

There is a wide variety of necklaces for men. You should make your choice responsibly when it comes to purchasing. Allow yourself to be remembered for your bright personality and not for “that exaggerated necklace” you flaunted that day, unless you really wanted to show it off.

There are many situations in which an audacious necklace is a must (for instance, a rock concert or biker rally) but in everyday life, a larger than life accessory will simply look ridiculous.

Know your body

Your skin color, age, and physique matter when it comes to picking a neck ornament. For instance, a long and thick chain necklace may be a good choice if you are a hefty guy but slender dudes should keep away from heavy-weight stuff (unless they are at a gym).

Quality vs. Price

You don’t need to buy an expensive necklace to look grand. There is a wide array of necklaces you can really afford. Don’t have money for a gold item? Don’t despair, you can opt for a silver chain with gold plating.

It will look great while not making a breach in your budget. Like silver but don’t want to splurge? Steel looks exactly the same, plus it will never tarnish, so why pay more? So, the most important thing is that you look good and not that you pay a lot.

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