Improve Your Academic Writing Skills – 5 Actionable Steps

Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Good Writing comes naturally to few but if you want you can acquire this skill over time. You need to be more systematic in your approach and follow the standards and formatting style to be more accurate.

Academic writing is not an informal document and therefore you must take precise measures to first learn and then attempt it. To define academic writing, it is concise, with a careful structure and scientific lingo. It has a pretty formal approach and is written as per instructions and guidelines.

Today we as experts are going to reveal 5 actionable steps that are going to prove super-beneficial for your professional essay writing learning. These steps are going to yield great results and are most basics that you will not find documented anywhere. Let the learning process begin.

5 Effective Tips To Improve Your Academic Writing

Here is a list of the most effective tips we have applied and tested before we have put it out for you. So go ahead and find out:

Academic Writing Skills

Outline and organize your academic work

It is very important that you understand why organizing your academic work is essential. Everything has to be in order so that the audience is not lost mid-way. The most common format followed is:

Introduction: Sharing the topic of interest with your audience so that they know instantly what the academic document is about.

Materials & methods: It could be lab methods or just a computational method used during the research process and stating the facts for your topic. You must not fail in mentioning it and then referencing it properly.

Results of the experiment: Let the readers know how it turned out. Make sure you explain the results in the same sequence as materials & methods.

Discussion: You can welcome any comments from readers and make your work open for discussion.

Share the work without imposing your conclusion or remarks

While writing your academic work be it a research paper or an essay focus on the work done rather than mentioning the first person. You don’t have to make it personal at any level. Try to use as much passive tone as possible. For instance, “I conducted the research” (active), “Research was conducted” (passive). Readers need to gain knowledge about your topic and not get to know you personally (like in blog)

Minimize redundancy and repetitious content

Try to avoid words that make your writing redundant. Using two words to represent the same meaning is going to indicate that you are not good at writing. For instance, “The specimens were red in color” You can simply mention specimens were red and that could have done the job. The whole idea to avoid repeated content is being within the limit of your academic document and improving as a writer.

Add qualifiers in the limit

Whatever your state in your academic document, make sure you don’t make it sound like a universal fact. Theories or methods that you have used in your document in a certain year might change over months or years.

For instance, “ The process may indicate that a new organism showed movements” It shows that currently this is the information you possess but there might be future experiments that may differ with your current observation. So you must stick to facts and write in a specific language that works for academic writing.

Don’t beat around the bush, come straight to your point

You are not a storyteller that must build a background and characters. You must treat all academic documents with a formal tone. So come straight to the point starting from title to mentioning your topic in introduction and what you wish to achieve in this document.

State the result clearly and leave it for discussion. If you take this approach the readers who will end up on your document will feel their time was not wasted by unnecessary information. The reader must exit with some information and learning.


If you wish to nail your impression on the reviewer or the professors for your academic documents then you must work towards acquiring this skill. The better you get at writing your academic documents the more appreciation you can get.

The idea of improving your academic writing is to write your academic assignments well. You don’t have to look for the senior to give a hand or beg your acquaintances to come over at the last minute and do it.

Still, if you think that you need a hand you can always go for professional essay help. You can approach writingmyessay.com for high-end academic documents.

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