It’s HoliYaY time! But Beware Of These Mistakes As They Can Ruin Your Vacation

HoliYaY time

Why do you go on a holiday? To escape stress, break the monotony, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. But if planned the wrong way, your vacation can turn into a disaster. However, if you keep yourself from making some silly vacation planning mistakes, you can have the time of your life. 

Scroll down to know about the mistakes that are most likely to ruin your vacation. 

Traveling with the wrong people 

Whether it’s a small weekend getaway or a long international holiday, traveling with the wrong people can keep you frustrated most of the time.

Disagreements can happen that might take the form of nasty altercations. Even if you don’t get into heated arguments, not having favorable company keeps you from enjoying your vacation. 

Hence, plan your vacation with people you love and can tolerate around you for days. 

Traveling with the wrong people 

Not booking ahead of the time 

Booking blunders won’t just ruin your holiday but also drill a big hole in your wallet. Whether it’s your air tickets, accommodation, or local transport, advance booking helps you sail smoothly during your vacation. 

Make sure you plan everything well in advance and make all the bookings before leaving your home. It would be great if you book even the activities ahead of time, as it will spare you the horror of standing in long queues at the ticket window. 

Not packing for the destination 

We understand that you want to look absolutely stunning in your holiday pictures, but packing like you are going to walk down the ramp at the Paris Couture Week is not going to work. 

Pack for the destination, not for your Instagram feeds, or Facebook Lives. Consider the weather of the destination, activities you are going to indulge in, and travel essentials required for specific activities. Also, keep it light. 

Keeping your money in one place 

Losing your money on vacation can be the most devastating thing. As thefts are common at tourist destinations, do not keep your money together. Keep some in hidden spots in your luggage and some in the locker of your hotel room. So, even if you lose your wallet somewhere, you will have some emergency funds back in the hotel. 

Being careless with your documents 

Not having important documents can land you in trouble in a foreign land. 

You must take care of all the documents you might need during the vacation. Learn about the visa scenario of the destination country and check the expiry date on your passport. 

Scan all the relevant documents and carry them on your phone to keep them handy. It would be better to save a copy of the documents in your email. 

Furthermore, buy travel insurance to cover yourself from medical emergencies or thefts in a new country. 

Not informing your bank in advance 

Many travelers shrug off the idea of informing their bank or credit card company about their traveling plan and face interruptions in services in a foreign land. 

When banks receive an alert on activities in your account in a new country, they get suspicious and block the card.  

Also, you would want to know about the extra charges imposed on using the card abroad to avoid a nasty surprise on receiving the bill. 

Not considering the covid safety norms

Not considering the covid safety norms while traveling can wreak havoc on you. Before making any plan, get jabbed to ensure your safety. Furthermore, check the travel regulations and guidelines of the destination country. 

Do not book accommodation without checking their hygiene standards and covid safety protocol. We recommend you book a stay with renowned names, such as Kasa living to have a safe stay during the pandemic.

Avoid going to very crowded places. 

The bottom line 

Travel can be fun only if you plan everything properly. Keep these mistakes in mind while planning your vacation to make your holiday fun, enjoyable, and safe. 

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