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John Travolta’s journey as an actor has been filled with some really deep lows and the greatest highs. From “Welcome Back” to “Old Dogs” he’s had a discography like none other. His love for his craft and devotion for its perfection is something that makes him with all the admiration. He’s an icon for those that are multi talented and wish to pursue their passion with determination. Given the fan base he has, “successful” would be an understatement.

In his personal Life too, he proved that no-one is perfect and no one can be perfect.  But what remains in our hands is the ability and the capacity to accept the challenges thrown at us by life, strive with all our zest and move ahead.

Personal Details 

Full Name:John Joseph Travolta
Stage Name:John Travolta
Birthday:18 February, 1954
Place Of Origin: Englewood, New Jersey, United States
Age:66 years old
Height:1.83 m
Weight:97 kgs
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse: Kelly Preston (died 2020)
Profession: Actor, Singer
Total Net Worth:$250 Million

How much John Travolta net worth

Early Life

Born on the 18th of February 1954, John was the youngest amongst his siblings (6). He was brought up in Englewood, New Jersey by his father Salvatore Sam Travolta, who was a football player and then went on to own a tyre company, “Travolta Tyre Exchange” and his mother Helen Cecilia, who was a singer and an actress.

All of John’s siblings Joey, Ellen, Ann, Margaret and Sam including John himself, inherited their love for drama and music from their mother. His father was of Italian and American origin, while his mother was of Irish American origin. He dropped out of “Dwight Morrow High School” at the age of 17.

Well, not just that, Travolta was really thoughtful for his age. In 1975, when he was merely 21, he converted his faith from being a Roman catholic into “Scientology”. People who follow Scientology, believe that a human being is “Thetan” (immortal) and lives inside a physical body.

Personal Life

In the year 1976, Travolta met actress Diana Hyland, on the sets of the movie, “The boy in the plastic bubble”. The duo fell in love but with the sad demise of the actress due to breast cancer, their ways were parted.

In 1980, he started dating Catherine Deneuve, who was a French actress. He was also into an unstable relationship with Marilu Henner, who was also an actress. They finally separated in the year 1985. Finally in the year 1991, he married Kelly Preston, an actress by profession and his lady love. The two had three kids, Jett, Ella Bleu and Benjamin.

They lost Jett at the age of 16, while they were in the Bahamas for a vacay. He died due to a seizure. Later after his death, a statement was released by the family, information that Jett had suffered from autism and seizures from the age of 4. 

John also started an NGO in the memory of his late child, by the name “Jett Travolta Foundation”. John’s wife Kelly too suffered from Breast cancer and passed away in the year 2020, at the age of 57.


The man who danced Princess Diana and wiped the world off their feet, John Travolta is 1.83 meters tall and weighs 97 kilos.


Travolta moved to New York City, after he dropped out of his school. He bagged a role in the musical “Grease” and “Over Here”.  In the series “Emergency”, he bagged his first screen appearance, in September 1972.

His first proper role was in the movie “Carrie”, which came in 1976. He played the role of “Billy Nolan” who had played a prank on Sissy Spacek’s character. In the sitcom “Welcome Back” his character of “Vinnie Barbarino” turned the tables for him.

In the year 1989, he featured in “Look who’s talking”, which became his most successful movie after “Grease” and did exceptionally well at the box office too. “Pulp Fiction” was the movie that gave the much needed boost to his low career graph. The movie was appreciated by the critics and also got him nominated for the Academy Awards.

“Get shorty” and “white man’s burden” were some others that helped in reviving his career graph after it suffered a great low. In 1998, he featured in a movie named “A civil action” and played an attorney. His performance was extremely impressive and won him several accolades.


In the year 1976, his single “Let her in” went on to be a superhit and ranked 10 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The following years brought him some of his greatest roles of all times. “The boy in the plastic bag” and his character of “Tony Manerno” in “Saturday Night Fever” and “Danny Zuko” in “Grease” were amongst the best roles of his life.

He has also had several superhit singles in his kitty like, Dream Drummin, Easy evil, Can’t let you go, You set my dreams to music, Goodnight Mr. Moon, Rainbows, Settle down, Moonlight Lady, Right Time of the Night, Big trouble, what would they say, Back doors crying, Let her in.

Some others that did well were, Whenever I’m away from you, Slow Dancing, It had to be you, I don’t know what I like about you baby, All strung out on you, Baby, I Could Be So Good at Lovin’ You, Razzamatazz, You’re the One That I Want, Summer Nights, Sandy, Greased Lightnin, Never gonna fall in love again, Take a chance.


John Travolta was nominated for the Academy Awards, two times. He was nominated for the BAFTA awards once. He won the Golden globe awards once and was nominated for it seven times. He was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award three times.

Net worth

With all his movies and accolades that he’s won for his acting, he accounts for $250 Million.

Ending Note

“I don’t believe in regrets, I believe your future is in your tomorrows.” John Travolta is a man of words. He’s proved his words with his actions.

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