Little Feet, Big Choices: Must-Have Shoe Types for Kids

Little Feet, Big Choices: Must-Have Shoe Types for Kids

When shopping for kids’ shoes, it’s easy to get tempted to pick the cutest pair. However, getting the best footwear for your little one is more about fit and function than fashion. Making sure you get the right shoe that protects from the elements and provides the right amount of support and comfort will help your little one develop healthy feet for the rest of their lives.

According to Doctors of Paediatric Medicine (DPM), a child’s foot can continue to grow until about age 18. This just goes to show how crucial appropriate footwear fit is to your child’s development and health.

In addition to being comfortable and durable, you’ll also want to choose versatile shoes and add the perfect finish touch your kid’s fashion outfits. Right? Here are the different types of shoes your kid’s wardrobe should include to keep up with their demanding lifestyles and hobbies. 


A robust pair of boots in your child’s wardrobe can be a lifesaver when they need an additional layer of protection from the elements. And a pair of Roper children’s boots is one choice you might wish to take into account.

As you know, children enjoy moving about, running, and jumping, and not all boots are up to the task. When you buy a pair of Roper kid’s boots, you can be sure that you’re getting shoes that are both comfortable and attractive. The broad toe featured in these boots can make a big impact on your child’s feet. Your child will not only be able to spread their toes more naturally, but this will also help avoid blisters and other foot disorders. 

Not to mention how versatile these boots are. They come in several styles, from traditional cowboys to more modern designs, and may be worn with almost every outfit. They are ideal for school, play, going about, etc. 

Although these boots may not be the most affordable option, there are certain times of the year when you can find Roper kids boots on sale at great discount prices. For example, you can buy them at off-season sales.

The price of boots, like other shoes and accessories, is affected by seasonal weather changes. You’ll only find occasional sales during the season, but the most attractive prices will be at the end-of-season clearance. Because demand is low during the off-season, the seller may be prepared to cut you a bargain. So, you may find Roper kids boots on sale for up to 50% off their original price.

These boots offer great value for money due to their durability. They are made of sturdy leather that can endure scratches, dings, and other types of abuse. Your kid can enjoy hours of playing and exploring outdoors in all kinds of terrain thanks to the rubber sole’s outstanding traction and durability.


It’s not just winter conditions that call for a special type of footwear. Your child’s feet need to be shielded from the elements in the summer as well, during the hot, muggy months.

Sandals are a great summer footwear option that gives little feet room to breathe. However, avoid synthetic sandals when shopping since they aren’t as breathable and can lead to swelling and unpleasant odours. Choose models that are made from genuine calfskin leather, which is a comfortable, breathable, and natural material.

The designs you choose should have a solid heel cap and non-slip natural rubber soles so that the child can have stable footing on any surface. This is very important for toddlers. For toddlers under the age of two, experts additionally advise closed-toe sandals because they need more stability and support. 

A closed-toe cap is better than an open-toe cap in terms of protection. But if the sandal is properly secured on the ankle and instep, both open and closed heels can provide sufficient support.

Open sandals are good for older children since they allow for more mobility and allow the toes to breathe. If you choose an open sandal, pay attention to the straps and see if they provide appropriate stability and support. 

School Shoes

This is an incredibly important type of footwear. You need to ensure that your kid has the best school shoes for their feet since they spend most of their days in school. 

That said, shoe fitting specialists advise picking a shoe that is both supportive and allows for free mobility of the foot. A little wiggle room in school shoes gives the foot enough space to grow, promoting optimal foot health. It is also important to choose a shoe that is breathable because children’s feet perspire a lot. Give preference to a natural material that can breathe, such as canvas or leather.

Before making your final decision, ensure that the shoe provides optimum flexibility. This enables necessary mobility and contributes to a more comfortable journey. A shoe that moves with the motion of your child’s foot is optimal for his or her health.

Formal Shoes 

For special occasions, you’ll want your child to have a pair of comfortable formal shoes. Indeed, your child won’t use their formal shoes as much as their school shoes. But to avoid foot issues, it is still important to choose a high-quality, well-fitting shoe.

Choosing formal shoes for children isn’t the same as choosing shoes for adults. Because your child will likely only have one pair of formal shoes to match all of his or her fancy clothes, it should be rather neutral. Plus, it should not be as large an investment as it would be for a pair of women’s dress shoes because they will not be worn for as long. Because children’s dress shoes are likely to be worn while running around, they must be comfortable and supportive. 

Good options for formal shoes for boys include loafers, boat shoes, and mocs, depending on the amount of formality of the special events on their calendars. Dressier alternatives for girls include Mary Janes and ballerina flats, which have a delicate elegance but are still comfortable to wear even when things become lively. 

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