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In the list of popular YouTubers, Logan Paul is also one of them. He has gained much popularity with his videos on the internet when he was a kid. He even began with the Zoosh channel. Other than his videos on YouTube, you can see Logan appearing in movies as well as in TV series. You might be familiar with his image of being a popular YouTuber from America or maybe as an actor. 

So let me tell you he adds two more skills which are as a podcaster, and a known personality on the internet. But do you will be surprised to know that this good looking handsome YouTuber also fares well in boxing. In one of his YouTube podcasts, named Impaulsive podcast, referring to his name in between. He has earned a million followers from the video-sharing platform (YouTube). 

The following began when he began posting sketches on Vine, his video-sharing platform. TheOfficialLoganPaul is his registered channel on YouTube, where he continued with his postings after the latter app (Vine) got closed.

The Vlog Channel

Logan then came up with his Vlogs channel six years back. It garnered a million subscriptions on his channel of video-sharing platforms. It stands at the rank of 58 in America and is among the top subscribed YouTube channels. Other than his YouTube career, Logan also showed his prowess in films like Bizaardavark and The Thinning: New World Order that came out in 2018.

As mentioned he is also a boxer, he has fought against someone who shared similar professional traits with him in his debut single. But the match concluded in a draw. He lost to his opponent in a professional bout due to KSI. 

There have been controversies surrounding him. If you seem intrigued to know more about him, then let us move ahead to know more about his life, career, total earning, etc. in this article.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Logan Alexander Paul
Stage Name: Logan Paul
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1st April 1995
Place Of Origin: Westlake, Ohio, United States
Age: 25 years old
Height: 6 ft. 1 inches
Weight: 86 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Single
Partner: Not-known
Profession: Youtuber, actor & internet personality
Total Net Worth: $25 million

How much Logan Paul Net worth

Early Life

Logan was born in 1995, the United States. His parents raised him and his brother in Ohio. Logan was exposed to the internet very early in his minor age. He rose to fame with his videos on the internet on Zoosh, a channel of the popular video-sharing platform (YouTube). Logan did his schooling in Texas and became a champ in boxing sport. He headed for his engineering study from a reputed American university. 


Logan has a good appealing personality standing tall at six feet one inches, weighing around 86 kg. He has turned twenty-five in age as per his date of birth. Logan indeed fits to be an actor owing to his blue eyes, and attractive persona. 

Personal Life

There is no fact about his relationship with any girl. In one line, he is single. Logan seems to be completely dedicated to his career in achieving success and fame. So it would be better if we took a glance at his career. 


Logan has indeed earned fame with a maximum number of followers on different platforms of social media. He did not continue his college and left it mid-way to fully explore his career in social media. Logan gained much attention in being part of a video-sharing platform on the internet. He gained a million viewers for his amalgamation of videos on YouTube on Vine. 

The YouTuber icon came up with the creation of his videos on Vine that were paid to the well-known firms including soft drink, Pepsi, and entertainment channel, HBO, and other two. Currently, there are more than seven followers on the video-sharing platform (YouTube). 

The viewership of his videos has gone to billions. Referring to a popular social media site, Logan has earned a million fans on FB. His videos have been viewed a billion times. Logan is also active in selling merchandise and even has a television series (digital). 

Apart from being an internet personality, Logan has also shown his acting prowess by featuring in television series, and various films. He appeared in Weird Loners, one of the television series on the Fox network. 

Other than that, Logan was also seen in Stitchers, a family-viewing TV program in brief episodes. On Vine, he gained the celebrity status of being an influential figure. His short-duration videos got much monetary profit to Logan from ad sources. 

Six years back, Logan grabbed the attention of many via his videos on one of the popular social media platforms with more than 200 million viewership in October. Logan came up with a popular television series, called Logan Paul Vs. that was later sold to an American telecommunications company. The handsome YouTuber even starred in The Thinning with a beautiful American actress Peyton. 

Experience With WWE People’s Champ ‘The Rock’

The WWE people’s champ, The Rock famed Dwayne Johnson confirmed in his YouTube channel about the elimination of Logan from the movie The Rock. The video showed the WWE champ himself and Logan. 

The WWE sensational wrestler even consoled the YouTuber for it, but he made him the brand ambassador for his movie, Baywatch, which also starred Bollywood hottie, Priyanka Chopra in a negative role. 

Both Dwayne and Logan got united again and became part of the video of the first part. Logan tried very hard to convince Rock Johnson to bag his part in the movie. While persuading him, he falls in love with the beautiful actress, Alexandria, one of the star cast of Baywatch

Controversy Over Suicide

Logan faced backlash for his controversial video post on YouTube when he filmed the mountain base in Japan. The area is well-known for the suicidal activities that have taken place there. Logan did the blunder by making a video of a hanging dead body from a tree. Even though it garnered a million viewership in 24 hours, still, it faced the brunt of online petitions, demanding the removal of Youtuber’s channel.

Net Worth Of Logan Paul

According to 2021, $25 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of Youtuber and actor, Logan Paul. He has earned immense wealth through his successful career as a Youtuber, and also as an actor.

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