Lionel Messi’s Net Worth, How Much Is Lionel Messi Worth

Lionel Messi's net worth

If you love watching sports especially football, then you must be familiar with the popular name called Lionel Messi. He plays for his national team of Argentina; the country he belongs to. He holds the status of a terrific soccer player around the world. His appearance is much constant in football matches. 

Lionel Messi is the captain of both the national teams, Barcelona, and Argentina. Being the world’s best player, Messi has registered his name as one of the major players in soccer sport. He even won prestigious awards. His complete sports career is spent in Barcelona, winning many trophies. Let us gain more facts about his life, career, total earning, etc in this article. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Lionel Andres Messi
Stage Name:Lionel Messi
Birthday:24th June 1987
Place Of Origin:Rosario, Argentina
Age:33 years old
Height:5 ft. 5 inches
Weight:72 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Antonella Roccuzzo
Total Net Worth:$450 million

How much Lionel Messi's Net Worth

Early Life

Messi was born in June 1987 in Argentina. He is one of the four siblings. Messi’s father worked in a steel factory in management. Whereas his mother worked in the industry of manufacturing magnet. Messi was lucky enough to have his upbringing in a sports-loving family. 

This is how his interest in football grew deeper, at a very initial stage. The soccer champ experienced playing the sport with the siblings, elder to him and cousins. The latter destined to become a professional player in football. 

The soccer champ even joined the membership of a local club related to football. Messi got immense motivation from his mother’s parents (especially his mother) in pursuing his sports career. She used to accompany him during his training session, and even game. 

But Messi’s big shock came when she passed away. He was hardly ten years old then. His concentration on sports got affected by the demise of his maternal grandmother, which did affect his rising sports career. 

Messi’s unconditional love for her can be witnessed through his kicks while remembering her. Messi follows the faith of the Catholic Christian religion, where belief in the afterlife is prevalent. 

Personal Life

Till now, Messi had been in a long-time relationship with her lady love Antonella. The love bloomed between them when the soccer champ was above nineteen years old. They are familiar with each other since both were kids. 

She was known to be the cousin sibling of his best friend from childhood. He also shared the same love for soccer as Messi. Initially, the football champ kept his personal life aloof from everyone and preferred to keep it top private. But he confirmed it later on. Before Antonella, Messi had been in a relationship with Memos and Salazar.


Messi has unique expertise in scoring goals. The soccer champ has the record of doing maximum goals in the European league season and La Liga tournaments. Messi has scored more than 600 goals in his career while playing for his country and club. 

Messi was born in Argentina and got his upbringing there. He became part of Barcelona when he was a teenager after coming to Spain. At a very young age, he kick-started his sports career seventeen years ago in October. 

Messi proved his worthwhile playing for the club. During 2008-2009, he gained a lot of appraisal with his performance for Barcelona in a soccer match. At that time, he aged only twenty-two years and became the recipient of a prestigious sports award presented annually by a sports magazine from France. 

Messi became four times lucky in winning the Ballons d’Or award. He is known to be the first footballer who has achieved this honor consistently. He scored many goals for the teams he played with and became the top scorer of all time in Barcelona. The other football champ who is entitled to this French football award is his closest competitor, Ronaldo. 

In 2005 August he made his senior fresh start in the FIFA World Cup. He was the youngest player from Argentina to make his mark in his sports career. Messi paved Argentina to reach finals in the World Cup (FIFA), seven years back. 

He was honored with the Golden Ball. Six years back he declared his retirement internationally from the football sport. But the soccer champ took back his decision. Messi made a big contribution in letting Argentina win the FIFA World Cup in 2018. 


Owing to its tremendous sportsmanship of playing football, Messi became the recipient of prestigious honor through awards including a FIFA Golden Ball, and Ballon d’Or. What not to miss is Messi is a gold medalist when he played during the Olympics in 2008.

Endorsement For A Popular Design Company

Lionel Messi has established himself to be one of the successful footballers in soccer history. Being awarded many prestigious honors, the soccer champ has been sponsored by a very famed design company dealing in the manufacturing of apparel, shoes, and other accessories. Messi is the brand ambassador of this leading design company, which is Adidas. 

Before it, Messi was also signed for another popular company dealing in the manufacture of footwear, equipment, apparel, and other accessories. The company I am referring to is Nike. Messi had a contract with it when he was too young. But later on, he flocked on to Adidas and became the popular face in endorsing its footwear. 

Own Foundation

The soccer champ is the founder of the foundation of his name. It deals with helping the needy with education and better health. It has been fourteen years ago since he started it during his visit to a hospital in Boston to see children. 

This experience deeply influenced Messi. His foundation is of much help in paying for the medical care, transport, and faster recovery of children affected with serious health issues. One must know that Messi is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund, for eleven years. 

Net Worth Of Lionel Messi

According to 2021, $450 is known to be the estimated net worth of footballer champ, Lionel Messi. He gained his fortune via his successful sportsmanship as the world’s best footballer. The dawn of his soccer career had already begun from his childhood. His other source of income came from many contracts he signed with a sports team.

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