Manual UAT or Automated UAT: Which method is the best?

Manual UAT or Automated UAT

With time, technology has become so advanced that the use of different software has become necessary in everyday activities. So, to understand and test the working of the software, user acceptance testing (UAT) is done to check that the software is on the right track of working. There are two types of UAT tools, i.e., Manual UAT and Automated UAT testing tools. But the biggest question is which type of UAT businesses should follow for better results.

The automated UAT is done when the user and the quality assurance team script down the test, and it is run automatically within the testing tool. Once the test is done, the person will receive the binary results of the test, where information about all the pros and cons of the UAT is clearly stated.

The best part about the automated UAT is that it can keep on repeating the same tasks without making any errors in the process. The manual UAT is different from the automatic one. In the manual UAT, the actual testers are involved in running the test scripts, and accordingly, results are recorded.

Strengths of automated UAT are stated below:

  • Such tests can be quickly run and repeated regularly without any concern for tester availability or fatigue.
  • Automated UAT offers high availability, accuracy, and reusability in the results provided through the tests.
  • This test allows script-based, binary-based, and even stress-testing.
  • Automated UAT brings a higher level of accuracy and precision to the provided test scripts.

Strengths of manual UAT are stated below:

  • The manual tests will always help in identifying the other ways that software can be used that the quality assurance team might not have considered before.
  • All the test scripts that account for more complex and subjective requirements of results can be developed using the manual UAT.
  • Mostly the manual testers can identify different problems, issues, defects, and even solutions with the automated ones can’t do so quickly.
  • The manual UAT includes the usability testing that will allow the evaluation of fonts, reports, menu types, workflow logic, etc.
  • Mostly the manual testers can confirm more of the “soft” requirement like capacity for integration, customizations, ability to generate ad-hoc reports, workflows, etc.

Both manual and automated UAT have their strengths which are great in one way or another. So, suppose you want to have the best results regarding testing. In that case, you need to get the best combination of both manual and automated UAT.

Use the benefits of both testing types so that the results are great. Better to learn more about technology so that you always know what is best for you. Use the best test automation process so that you can easily know how the software can work well. If you want access to any UAT tool, you can visit Opkey, where you will get complete support for UATs from their experts at the best price.


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