Pedal to the Metal: Stay Prepared for Anything on the Road with Giant Cycle Accessories

Pedal to the Metal

Easy as riding a bike… the person who said this has clearly never been on a demanding ride without adequate equipment. From blistered hands and soaking wet feet to broken chains and flat tires, there are various ways in which a ride could go wrong.

Although some novice cyclists are well aware of this, they take their concerns to a whole new level, buying loads and loads of gear as if they’re riding to the other end of the world. Truth is, over-packing is equally bad as under-packing, and to find the golden mean, you need to know a thing or two about bike accessories.

It doesn’t matter if cycling is your way of commuting, blowing off some steam or getting your daily amount of cardio, the right bicycle accessories can make your rides buttery smooth and fuss-free. The place where some of the finest bike accessories are made is called Giant Bicycles. I know, I know… before going any further, let’s address the elephant in the room. 

Is Giant a Good Bike Brand?

Although Giant is the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles with several famous sub-brands and a plethora of international awards under the belt, people still want to know whether Giant is worth the hype. You can blame it on the fact that you can get a pro bike or gear up from head to toes without breaking the bank.

Giant is the brand that has stood the test of time for the last 50 years and still stands at the forefront of innovation to this very day. With a huge assortment of first-rate bikes and an even more extensive range of quality cycle accessories, you can rest assured that Giant will have you all set for the most joyous rides in your life. 

What Equipment is Essential for a Good Cycling Ride?

Since it’s easy to get lost in the vast range of Giant cycle accessories, planning ahead is going to make your shopping spree a lot easier. You can divide your cycling essentials into the following categories:

  • Safety Gear
  • Clothing Accessories
  • Bike Accessories
  • Tools
  • Bags & Storage

All of these items can be easily found in Giant cycle accessories range both online and in-stores, so without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best selling pieces.

Keep Your Head Safe & Sound with a Comfy Helmet

Helmets prevent serious injuries and even save lives, yet they get a bad rep because no one wants to simmer their head under the hot Australian sun. However, if you know your materials and how to choose the right helmet for your discipline, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing a helmet. Luckily, when it comes to Giant helmets, no matter which one you choose, be it an MTB, road or general cycling helmet you’ll get a perfect fusion of style, protection and comfort.

For instance, the Giant Compel MIPS is a helmet that ticks all the boxes and then some. It comes in a universal size that fits most, sits comfortably on the head and looks up to the minute. But since we’re more interested in safety here, let’s see what this helmet has to offer. 

The shell itself is made from an ultra-thin and lightweight Polycarbonate that’s virtually indestructible. Moreover, the Giant Compel features an advanced MIPS brain protection system that reduces rotational violence and absorbs more energy to save the rider from a serious brain injury caused by an angled impact. Paired with the Cinch One™ system, the Compel helmet cradles the occipital bone for full protection, support and comfort. 

Another great thing about this helmet is that it has TransTextura Plus anti-microbial padding which works together with the cleverly placed AirFlow exhaust ports to keep you dry, cool and odour-free. 

Ride in Comfort with the Right Saddle

Even if you have the most expensive bike in the world, the wrong saddle can single-handedly ruin a perfectly planned ride. When you sit on a bike, all your body weight is handled by two little bones on the bottom of your pelvis which (without the right saddle) leads to very unpleasant soreness in your backside. If you want to save your derriere the trouble, equip your bike with a comfy saddle such as the Giant Contact City+ Saddle.

The lightweight yet durable Contact City+ is one of the best selling Giant bike accessories for a reason. This generously padded saddle will have you sitting on a cloud with its cleverly placed pressure relieve D2 place. Suitable for male and female bums, the City+ Saddle is perfect for those long recreational rides around the city or commuting to work. 

Keep Your Hands Sweat & Blister-Free with Moisture-Wicking Gloves

Since you ride a bike with your feet, it’s easy to forget that your hands need protection as well. Sweaty palms combined with constant friction is a recipe for disaster. If you do happen to forget about the importance of hand protection, a bunch of painful blisters or callouses will arrive shortly after to remind you. To keep these bumps and sores away from your hands, get yourself a pair of Giant gloves. 

For instance, the Rival gloves are one of the greatest Giant bicycle accessories you can get to make your rides a whole lot more comfortable. They’re quick drying which means there won’t be any sweat irritating your hands. Then, they have a reinforced palm that can reduce your hands’ chances of feeling numb after a long ride. And finally, they offer 40+ protection from the sun so you can keep your hands youthful and free from dark spots.

Be Quick to Patch Things Up with a Comprehensive Repair Kit

If I had a dollar for every time a flat ruined my day, I’d save up just enough for the latest TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc. Be smarter, don’t leave the house without a cycling tool kit, to avoid pushing your bike instead of riding it. Although choosing the right tool kit greatly depends on the type of bike you have and where you ride, a standard tool bundle always comes in handy. 

For instance, the Giant Quick Fix Combo Kit with Co2 Inflator combines all the essentials that will have you up and running in no time in case of a flat, broken chain or slipping seat post. Get yourself one of these bundles and stay prepared for whatever the road throws at you. 

Stay Organized with a Spacious yet Compact Bag

Tools, snacks, drinks, phone, keys you need to keep these items at arms reach yet out of the way to make travelling by your bike an easy task. The solution? A cleverly designed bag by Giant. Although there’s a myriad of Giant bags to choose from and again, your choice will greatly depend on your riding style and discipline, you can’t go wrong with the Shadow DX Pannier Bag.

This bad boy features a multitude of pockets to organize your essentials all neatly enclosed with a super lightweight and waterproof outer. This pannier bag is compatible with most bike racks and can securely hold everything you need for a comfortable ride. 

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