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Planning a kitchen remodel to make everything perfect there

Planning a kitchen remodel

Kitchen upgrades can be an exciting project, primarily because of the rewards associated with them. But most of its success depends on planning and execution. Luckily, you can ensure this by gathering critical information and guidance from experts.

With the precise approach, you can expect your kitchen remodel to come out well, irrespective of the size, budget, and everything else. When you begin, first ask yourself a few questions to align your thoughts about what is essential for you in the kitchen and its shape and form. Here is a quick glimpse of them.

Things to note down before embarking on a kitchen remodel endeavor

Ask yourself what kind of cook you are

Every person has different cooking needs. Some like to have an expansive kitchen where they can rustle up intricate meals while others have to manage to feed their family and themselves amidst the busy daily schedules. In this context, noting down how many people cook in your family can also give a crucial insight.

If two people are going to prep meals together, having two kitchen islands for prepping and cooking would be an ideal scenario. Likewise, they will need a cooking pan set instead of a single pan and so on. Then, who will use the kitchen is also a significant consideration in terms of the design and layout. For example, an on-the-go person would want to make quick meals and leave. For them, factors like spaciousness and easy accessibility to appliances are critical.

Similarly, if there are kids and seniors in the house, you would need some storage and workspaces at a lower height.

Find out what else you would do apart from cooking in the kitchen

It is no more a cooking area strictly. It has now evolved into an entertainment space where you and your guests can enjoy meals and chat. Some say the kitchen has usurped this role from the living area. So, knowing how you are going to use can help you plan it accordingly.

Simultaneously, it would be great to ascertain the kitchen’s interaction with other corners of the house. To be precise, you need to see whether it opens to the outdoors, living room, or dining space. This positioning would also come into play in the design.

Let yourself know how long you will stay in the same house

The kitchen’s overall design and appeal will be fundamental if you plan to change your home in the coming years. You can talk to a real estate agent to understand how it will improve your home’s resale value. However, you can make it as personalized as you desire if this will continue to be your abode forever.

Explore the different kitchen styles to understand your preference

Every kitchen design has a unique purpose. A contemporary kitchen would embrace open concepts, sharp angles, and full access cabinetry, for example. In a farmhouse design, you can have a combination of woods and metals, a 30-inch apron sink, enclosed storage, and so on. And if it is a transitional layout, the whole look will be delicate yet well-defined with wood floors, stainless steel appliances, quartz worktop, white cabinets, etc.

In essence, you have to know what elements would give you immense pleasure. Your must-haves should feature in the design so that your kitchen doesn’t look incomplete. For example, choosing larger vs smaller sinks will be easy if you know your preference and create space for one. Otherwise, these things can lead to disappointment.


A quick view of how to change a traditional kitchen into a transitional design

So far, you have observed what you need to figure out. Now it’s time to get an idea about modifying a generous, old kitchen into a fully-functional one with a mix of modern and traditional style. Suppose your kitchen has a marble countertop and monochrome flooring.

You can replace these when you go for a complete makeover for a better experience. When it’s a transitional theme, you can include a natural stone countertop, such as quartz, for durability and no staining fear. Then, easy access to the fridge, cooktop, and sink is essential. These should be in a perfect triangle to make your job simple. However, if that’s not possible, you can fit your island with a prep sink.

Your electrical connections don’t have to be on the backsplash. It would kill beauty. You can instead put them under the overhead cabinets. Since they don’t have any physical appeal to show off, you can very well keep them hidden. Then, hardware items, plumbing fixtures, and lighting can be in metal finish or surface. You can buy a small or large stainless steel kitchen, for instance. The shine and warmth will both represent a blend of a modern and traditional vibe. Besides, make sure the hardware you choose for your cabinets and drawers are high quality. It would have a massive impact on beauty and performance.white-kitchen-sinks

According to experts, you can always control or splurge your kitchen budget. If you spend too much on lighting and appliances, you can adjust your overall investment by being a little economical with plumbing fittings and flooring.

As for the paint, you may have had deep blue or teal-colored walls in the kitchen. You can replace it with a darker but subdued blue, such as charcoal blue; it wouldn’t look boring too soon. The perimeter cabinets can display a warm gray tone towards the lighter side. The drawers can be deeper to accommodate all your pans, pots, and other large utensils so that the worktop is clutter-free and clean. Like this, you can arrange different features to optimize their utility and aesthetic contribution.

In the end, you should feel your kitchen is complete in every sense. It performs well while looking stunning. It needs to become a space where you can spend hours without getting tired or restless. You would look forward to going and doing your daily work there. And as hinted already, it is not impossible to attain this. Proper knowledge, budgeting, guidance, and enthusiasm can lead you on the path to a successful kitchen design of your choice.

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