Essential points of differences between an arrest warrant and a bench warrant

arrest warrant

In many countries, bench warrants and arrest warrants can get a person to come under police custody as the court or the judge issues it. The person’sconcern has to stay in judicial custody until the next hearing of the court.

However, you must know that this is the only point of similarity between an arrest warrant and a benchwarrant. Both bench warrants and arrest warrants get issued by the court under different circumstances. If the person concerned failed to comply, then it can bring in severe consequences for the person.

If you come in a situation where either an arrest warrant or bench warrant gets issued against you, you must hire an experienced lawyer to navigate you through the troubled legal waters. For assistance, you can check out criminal lawyers Parramatta to help you.

Arrest warrant – What is it?

It is a warrant the judge issues after any law enforcement officer has all the major reasons to suspect you of committing a crime. Their suspicion of you is reasonable proof taken against you in the court of law.

You must know that an arrest warrant is a formal legal document given to the executive branch to arrest and detain a person. In most cases, the arrest warrant does not disclose until the person concerned getsarrested. However, do not be under the illusion that an arrest warrant gets issued without any investigation.

An arrest warrant gets issued after proper research gets conducted about the person’s concern. Only after a thorough examinationthat depicts that you have committed a probable crime, then the police will acquire a formal document and request the judge to issue your arrest warrant.

Usually, a law enforcement crew will reach your workplace or your home to take you under police custody. If you try to communicate with the judge or the police, more criminal charges can get hurled against you.

Thus, instead of wastingtime trying to convince the law, you should actively take hold of the situation by hiring a criminal defense attorney who can help you take legal steps and get you bail.

What is a bench warrantA bench warrant is a prevalent type of contract that gets issued in most countries. A bench warrant gets typically issued when a person does not appear before the court for hearings. Thus a bench warrant is issued to arrest the person immediately.

The following reasons make the judge issue a bench warrant against the person accused of criminal charges

  • If the person concerned fails to pay fine
  • If the defendant fails to appear before the courton a fixed date of hearing
  • When the defendant fails to appear in front of the judge or the attorney, they order the defendant to remain present.
  • If the defendant fails to show proof of completion of any community service or any other forms of alternative sentence
  • Defendant fails to appear before the court of law even after thorough citation by the police officer.

If a person gets arrested due to a bench warrant issued, they must pay the bail amount. If you do not appear before the court on the decided date, you might have to go to prison. As such, you must hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can immediately present your case before the judge on your behalf so that you get released from custody.

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