Pool Table Covering: Choosing The Right One Makes A Difference  

Pool Table Covering: Choosing The Right One Makes A Difference  

The pool table cloth is one of the most important aspects of the game. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the kid of cover or cloth on which to invest.

Not only does it affect the look and the aesthetics but the performance as well. The better is the quality of the cloth more you will enjoy playing the game. However, the enjoyment you derive from the game goes up when the cover you choose the basic usage of the table.

Types of cloths:

When buying the pool table cover, you may choose from two categories, namely, worsted and woolen cloth. You need to know more about the cloth categories to decide the right option.

  • The woolen table cover is the authentic cloth used in the pool table and the fibers of the cloth move in a single direction, allowing the cloth to attain a velvet-like approach.
  • Remember that the nap of the cover makes the ball move in varied speeds based on the direction, so you need to know the top and bottom of the table correctly.
  • The nap also adds a strategy to the game, allowing the professional players to make the ball curved.
  • The worsted pool table cover refers to the worsted and the quality of the weave makes it a sturdier and a smoother fabric.
  • The English clothes undergo an intensive method of production, resulting in a more durable and a quality cover that is durable and made to last longer and the cloth are of a better quality but you can choose from a wide range of colors.
  • The American variant of the pool table covering lacks the fuzzy texture as present on the English pool table cloth but it has a smoother touch.

Assessing the pool table size:

Another significant aspect to consider is for the pool table cloth is the size you need. The American pool table has a different size than its English counterpart, so you need to measure the size properly.

When measuring the English table size, you need to get the length correct and for the American tables, it is necessary to measure the playing area. If you have the slightest doubt on your mind, be sure to measure the size correctly even if it means calling the professional.

Look and touch:

The pool table covers are available in a variety of textures, pattern and colors. As the table bed comprises a large area, the color you choose need to be conspicuous. Furthermore, you need to consider the décor and the colors on the walls. The color of the pool table determines the overall presence on the table.

Similarly, you can choose from a wide range from a wide selection of prices and need to feel the cloth appropriately to ensure how the balls roll on the table.

Finally, you need to check the durability of the cloth as it determines the longevity of the covering. You can buy the most expensive cloth but it is necessary to stay careful about the usage of the cloth when playing to make it last longer.

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