Seis Manos season 2, Release Date, Renewed or Canceled?

Seis Manos season 2

Seis Manos is the first American Mexican Anime series. It is a Netflix anime set in 70s America, produced by Brad Graeber and Alvaro Rodriguez. It is a production of Powerhouse Animation. Also, the series has many combined elements such as far east fighting and mystical spells with a fun production. It has drawings based on the atmosphere of a game arcade.

Netflix made the release the first season on October 3, 2019. Since the first season’s production on Netflix, fans have been left wondering if there will be season two of the same. This article will help to give some breakthroughs about Seis Manos season two. Stay tuned till the end.

 Will there be a second season of Seis Manos?

The first season of the series Seis Manos was released on Netflix on October 3, 2019. The anime series consists of eight episodes. It has gained a score of 7.60 out of 10. There is no news regarding the production of season two; hence fans have gone to change.org to campaign for its release.

Seis Manos is not an adaptation of a manga series or carton; hence there is no need for source material. All that will determine the production of the second season is the financial status of the first season and its popularity.

Seis Manos is less popular than anime like The Dragon Prince and Violet Evergarden on Netflix. The best example is Blood of Zeus, produced at the same time as Seis Manos; it gained a lot of popularity and has released in the second season.

Both of the series were produced by the same studios, yet Seis Manos is larking behind so much. The blood of Zeus is gaining more popularity, and releasing the third season will not be a surprise. There is less probability of Seis Manos season two production, but let’s be optimistic, and probably in 2023 or2024, there will be a second release.

Seis Manos season 2 plotline

Revenge is the best dish when served cold, but this Seis Manos series contradicts this statement. Three ladies have chosen to seek revenge for their coach, who has been coldly murdered on the street. Balde’s death has a lot of effect on the street, resulting in the orphans becoming rebellious, and in the next season, they will take over the streets.

Balde’s madness will have consequences in the next season, which will be seen in the first episodes. Balde’s boss, Larry, will be left to take over the mission and recover the lost streets. Larry will go to Dojo, but it is unknown how long he will stay there. The second season will be a continuation; let’s be patient and wait for the release.

Trailer of Seis Manos season two

Only people made trailers, but the original trailer is yet to be released. One month before the release of season two, the trailer will be out, probably in 2023 or 2024. Thanks for your time, and stay tuned for any updates regarding Seis Manos season two.

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