Tsugumomo season 3, Release Date, Renewed or Canceled?


Tsugumomo is a romantic anime series that was first aired in 2017. This anime series has supernatural elements and is based on a popular manga series that was written and illustrated by Yoshikazu Hamada. Zero-G studio has animated the series and aired “Grand Blue” and “My Roommate is a Cat.”

The original series aired on Tokyo MX BS11 from April 3, 2017, and ended on June 19, 2017. The first season consists of eleven episodes licensed by Funimation and Crunchyroll.

After three years since the first season’s production, Tsugumomo made the fans happy by releasing the second season. The second season is called “Tsugu Tsugumomo,” which aired in April 2020.

After the preseason, two fans have been left wondering if there will be a release of season 3 and if it will be aired. If you are a fan of this anime series, the article will give some details about this anime series. Stay tuned till the end.

Will there be a third season of Tsugumomo?

There has been a time difference of three years since Tsugumomo seasons 1 and 2.

The second season they were aired on April 5, 2020, ending on May 26, 2020. Since then, there has been no news about season three’s renewal, even on their official Twitter website. As we consider the time duration between the preceding seasons, other vital elements also help predict if there will be a season renewal. The elements include; manga, financial conditions, and the popularity of the anime.

Manga status of the anime

Futabasha has published the manga series of the anime in multiple magazines, which continuing since 2017. The series consists of 28 volumes, with the last one being produced on February 12, 2022, and is still ongoing. This is some good news on source material availability; hence there is a greater likelihood of season three renewal.

The first season consists of eleven, the same as season two. These two seasons have covered 14 volumes of the manga series, which is half of the availability of the source material. Hence the source material is enough to produce one or two more seasons.

The sale of the Tsugumomo and its popularity

The sale of the second season was barely 542 discs which is far from the required sale, which should be approximately 4000. But season one had the same trend, and a second season was released; hence let’s be optimistic.

This anime is far behind in terms of popularity since even in the top 1000 list of most popular anime series does not exist. A lot must be done to make a smooth path for the third season renewal.

Trailer of Tsugumomo season three

Currently, there are no trailers for this anime season three. But seasons one and two have trailers readily available on the internet.

There is a possibility of season three production, which might occur in 2025 or 2026. Let’s be patient and wait.

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