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Are you one of the people who are into gaming these days? Due to the rising quantity of people who are into games, prices now go way up high into an unreasonable price. Well, lucky for you since you’re in here looking for an alternative to Humble Bundle, I would like to tell you that you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we’re gonna enumerate a couple of sites which are in the same focus of Humble Bundle; to provide bundles of games at an overall discounted price.

So before we enumerate the sites that provide the same service as Humble Bundle, let us discuss what Humble Bundle is. So what is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle, by the name itself, is a company which distinctly focuses on providing gamers bundles of games at a much affordable and reasonable price compared to other providers. These bundles differ from each category. They can be ranging from comics themed games to comic books to software bundles. 

However, if Humble Bundle somehow doesn’t trigger your interest, then try other sites that are closely related to them. Listed below are those sites you can check into and a slight definition on what they offer and what they can be of service to. 


This site is mostly inclined with gaming bundles at a discounted price. Generally, the bundles they sell have the same genre, like horror, comic-themed, adventure, and many more. The games under this bundle usually have the same genre to accommodate gamers who are into that genre.
Players can also buy single games if they are out of budget. Sometimes, Fanatical offers mystery keys which players can purchase at their own risk. Typically, these mystery bundles come with games that are closely under the same amount so it will never be a losing situation.

Indie Gala

Indie Gala, by the name itself, is a company that supports and focuses on indie studios, small-time developers who are barely making their own name, and starting developers. 

So basically speaking, all the bundles that are sold on this website are going to be smaller, but generally cheaper compared to the other sites. In fact, if you are going to buy on their website, you can get 4 up to 6 games at an astonishingly 95% off, which means you get a lot of small games at a considerable price.

This type of website is perfect for those people who want to play a lot of small games that can be finished in a week or two rather than stay in one game that would take 4-6 months to finish.

Epic Bundle

Epic Bundle is a website where it focuses solely on bundles. Surprisingly, their bundles don’t last that long. In fact, their products would only last a couple of days or so upon being advertised. That is how their bundles are sold. By the name itself, their bundles are epic!

If you wanted to take a hold of these amazing bundles, that means you need to keep an eye on the website regularly, just in case your dream bundle would come out for sale. 

The website somehow comes out to be really helpful as Epic Bundle takes information from other bundle websites to make their service and promos more lower and much competitive than the other websites. 


This site is incredible in its own unique way. Why? For one, with your own preference, you can actually create your own bundle and choose everything that might come with it and the site will determine the bundle’s price with a discount.

And here’s more, with a $1.00 minimum amount of purchase, you can actually get two to eight games. These games might come together with small games, indie games, local games, and even games that are in hype today. 

Lazy Guys Studio

Along with any other sites, Lazy Guys Studio also put their focus on bundles. The bundle they sell on their end comes with its own theme. Example of these is “Feels Like Home”.

The bundles they offer are somehow limited, which means, from time to time, they pop in or out. So just in case you have a game in mind and that game is inside the bundle, then you should probably take it. Because, what would possibly happen is that the contents of those bundles will no longer be the same on the next bundle and it might not happen again. And just a heads up, the bundle next to the current one might take some time to be generated.

Is There Any Deal

This website somehow works as an information provider for gamers who are into game bundles. On this website, you will be able to scan and surf on which bundles and games different sellers offer. Sellers like Amazon and small-time game sellers. 

Like I mentioned earlier, they provide information for the gamers, so it is like a one-stop shop that provides you multiple information for your convenience. 

On this site, you can also check for indie games from small-time developers that are trying to make a name in the industry. Same with it, you can also check for major AAA studio games.

This website is an excellent stop for most of the people if they wanted to keep an eye on a specific game and wanted to know when the sale will be.

Bunch Keys

While the previous websites that were mentioned solely focus on bundles and deals, then change your perspective on this site. As the name itself, it provides keys and bundles of keys. 

To be fair, rather than having four or more games on bundles, since the website offers keys in a bundle which can be ranging from 11 to 30 keys which you can use to pull up games. Good bargain, right?

Green Man Gaming

In this website also, their service is somehow different from the others. While others focus on selling bundles of games, Green Man Gaming actually sells its products individually, however at a huge discounted price.

Customers can actually get games in a preorder. Other games that the site offers might probably be at the original price, but most Green Man Gaming games are looking to be at a huge discount.

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