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Six Sigma Green Belt Requirements

Six Sigma Green Belt Requirements

The Six Sigma practitioner with a green belt has a solid grasp of the more complex aspects of the Six Sigma Methodology. The straightforward improvement initiatives are handled by Black Belts, while the more challenging ones are led by Green Belts.

A Six Sigma Green Belt™ professional is knowledgeable about all areas of Six Sigma Methodology and is skilled in a particular concept called DMAIC (expanded as Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control). An expert in adopting, performing, interpreting, and applying Lean Six Sigma is known as a “Green Belt.”

Who May Obtain a Six Sigma Green Belt™?

A Six Sigma project’s success levels are based on the knowledge, dedication, and perseverance of each team member because it is a people-driven process. Only the higher ranks, like Black Belt, are frequently taken into account when looking at the roles that contribute to the project. However, Green Belts practitioners also play a significant part in enhancing the effectiveness of business initiatives.

Green Belts are productive team members with the goal to raise the standard of the production process. They are experts in narrowing the gap between Six Sigma’s theory and the practical execution of the process for better end results. They are crucial for handling project management, data examination, and process improvement. Candidates for the Green Belt certification are taught about the fundamental tools used by project teams and how to apply DMAIC techniques to a Six Sigma project.

Candidates for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification develop expertise in supply chain management or company management and be interested in concepts like waste minimization and continued improvement. Obtaining the certification raises the applicants’ proficiency, increasing their appeal to employers. The accreditation is most appropriate for specialists who are in charge of enhancing outputs, managing expenses, and assisting in enhancing outcomes.

Before knowing the requirements, let’s see how you can generally obtain the Green Belt Certification

How Can I obtain My Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

Six Sigma certificates can be obtained from a variety of sources. ASQ, IASSC, and other significant certification providers are a few.

The procedure to become certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt is described in the next section.

Apply For the Online Certification Course

You can apply to the best training institute for the course by doing some research. Generally, these institutes help you apply for the examination after training for the same. They will provide the best study material, live sessions from top mentors, pre-recorded videos, etc. for your preparation. 

Study the Pertinent Material

You must first study the necessary material, and attend and pass the mock tests that gauge your skill and proficiency in a practical setting. You can take help from the online learning resources in addition to the material provided by your training institute.

Passing a Green Belt Written Test

The following stage is to successfully complete a written test with multiple-choice questions and earn You will have three hours to complete a 100-question, closed-book Green Belt exam administered by IASSC.

Finishing up Quality Projects

When you get 70% or higher marks in the above test, you must finish excellent projects according to Green Belt themes. The International Association for Six Sigma Certification will thereafter provide you with the professional distinction of the IASSC Green Belt certificate.

Six Sigma Green Belt Requirements

Green Belt Prerequisites for ASQ

The qualifications and criteria of the exam for a CSSGB (Certified Six Sigma Green Belt™) are shown below (source).

  • Experience at Work

Sigma Six Employees that participate in process improvement teams on a correspondence basis as green belts. They can participate in Six Sigma, lean, or other improvement initiatives and assess and resolve problems relating to quality. Three years of working experience with one or even more domains of the Green Belt Body of Knowledge are necessary for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

  • Candidates must have had a full-time, salaried position. Paid co-ops, internships, or any other type of coursework cannot count toward the required amount of work experience.
  • Education: There are no mentioned prerequisites for education, but being a graduate in a relevant field is preferred.

The very minimal requirements for a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt are shown below.

  • Operates under the direction of or in support of a Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • Analyses and fixes issues with quality.
  • Taking part in initiatives to improve quality.
  • Has taken part in projects but hasn’t taken the lead on any.
  • Has worked for at least three years.
  • Have the capacity to demonstrate their familiarity with Six Sigma tools and procedures.

Green Belt Prerequisites for IASSC

  • Candidates must take the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ Exam and get a minimum score of 70% to earn the professional qualification of IASSC-CGB™ (Certified Green Belt)..
  • The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) exam has no requirements, thus anybody may take it. See the FAQs and the IASSC’s perspective on theories and applications for additional information on this.

Villanova Green Belt Pre-Requisites

This training enables professionals who have little to no expertise with Six Sigma methodology to learn key competencies necessary for effective project management.

  • A compulsory, simulated project that incorporates important subjects into each stage of the Six Sigma process is part of this course. You must pass the course and the exam to become a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB).
  • The amount of time you have to finish your certificate course is specified in the academic calendar. Examinations, journal articles, discussion forums, projects, and other sorts of assignments may be used in your course to assess how well you understand the material.

After you successfully complete the online program, Villanova University will provide you with certification exams. Only students who have finished the online course at Villanova University are eligible for this certification. The timed test is given online, and the questions are chosen at random.

Please take notice of the accompanying exam objectives so that you may effectively prepare for the test:

  • Even if you have some prior experience with Six Sigma, you should spend nearly 200 hours studying for the test.
  • The clock on your certification test cannot be stopped or started after it has started. The inquiries are chosen at random from a pool of inquiries.
  • A score of at least seventy (70) is required to pass. After the test is over, your result would be posted.

How Can I Register For the Six Sigma Green Belt Exam?

The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), the Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC), and the American Quality for Quality will walk you through the certification procedure in the area that follows (AQS).

For IASSC, you must apply for the ICYB test, take the exam, and receive a passing grade to become an IASSC Certified Yellow Belt. If you already have a yellow belt, you can then apply for the Green Belt certification program at the official website of IASSC.

American Society for Quality accreditation (ASQ)

You have two choices when registering for the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt exam:

  • Computerized Test

There are 110 questions on this one-part test, which is exclusively given in English and lasts for four and a half hours.

  • Exam on Paper

There are 100 questions in this one-part test, and it lasts for four hours. Depending on the region, this test can be taken in English, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish.


A mid-managerial position including Six Sigma methodology implementation calls for the Green Belt qualification. Getting your Green Belt certification gives you a variety of capabilities that benefit you and the company’s marketing and sales efforts. You become an asset to the company and can rise to senior-level positions in no time.

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