The 10 Things People Don’t Tell You About Getting in an Accident

Tell You About Getting in an Accident

Getting in a car accident can be extremely frightening and devastating in some cases. Everyone knows the dangers associated with accidents in terms of injuries, and even death.

However, something that very few talk about is all the admin and other important steps that need to be taken following a car accident. Even if nobody was seriously injured, there are a lot of processes that need to happen, a lot of documentation and potentially a lot of financial strain. Here’s what you need to know.

You Need a Lawyer

First off, it’s a good idea to have a reliable lawyer on speed dial – before you end up in a sticky situation. Once you’ve found yourself in need of legal help, starting the process of looking for someone you like and trust can be lengthy and overwhelming.

Because of this, you should take steps today to make sure you’re in touch with a good law firm like Lamber Goodnow Tucson, or similarly trustworthy attorneys in your area. Once you’ve found yourself in a car accident, you’ll need to get in touch for assistance ASAP.

You Need Evidence

It might not seem appropriate at the time, but snapping some shots of damage and injuries immediately after the accident is actually pretty important.

You’ll need all sorts of evidence for the accident report, your car insurance and any legal matters that come up. Take pictures, gather contact information, write down details, and talk to any willing witnesses around the accident.

You Need Witnesses

As mentioned, you’ll need to talk to witnesses, if possible. If there’s anybody in the vicinity who saw the crash and would be willing to give their account of what happened, get their contact details to use later.

Often, without a witness, legal altercations can turn into an issue of your word against the other party, which can complicate matters further. If you know you were not at fault and someone else can account for that, it will be very valuable for your case.

You Need to Stay on the Scene

Another thing that many people aren’t aware of is the fact that you should stay at the scene of the accident, even if nobody was seriously injured and you feel that things have been sorted out.

If there is any damage whatsoever, you should call the police to the scene to have things checked out and have the accident officially filed. While a small bump won’t require this, anything slightly more serious will need authorities on the scene.

You Need to Mind Your Mouth

However, in those first moments after the crash, you also need to be very careful of what you say. Anything you say at the time could be used against you in a legal case, mind your mouth!

Even simple statements like apologising to the other party could be taken as evidence of you admitting fault, so it’s best to keep anything you say neutral. Ask those around you if they are okay, but other than that, try to keep communication to a minimum until you’ve spoken to your lawyer – they will be able to help you understand what to say and what not to say.

You Need to Report the Incident

If it so happens that you don’t need to call the authorities to the scene, the accident will still need to be reported.

Make a turn to your local police station and find out the process of officially reporting and filing the accident – this should be a quick and simple process, but you will need some of the evidence and other information mentioned above.

You Need to Call Your Insurance Company

You’ll also need to report the accident to your car insurance company, even if there wasn’t any significant damage. However, it’s especially important if there was damage to either your vehicle or the other party’s vehicle.

At this stage, it’s important that you know what type of car insurance you have, and what coverage you’re paying for. If you were at fault, your insurance company may be liable for the damages.

You Need to Listen to Your Doctor

After an accident, it’s crucial that you get checked out, even if you don’t feel any immediate pain or notice any injuries. You may suffer delayed injuries following your accident, so getting a medical check is crucial.

Further, following any medical advice you’re given is important too, and not just for your own health. Aside from a quick recovery, this can impact any legal cases wherein you’re claiming for damages. If it can be proven that you’re not making an effort to recover, this can have serious implications for your case.

You Need Emotional Support

It’s also going to be important for you to process what’s happened, even if you didn’t suffer any serious physical harm. Having emotional and mental support through all these processes and being able to discuss what happened with someone who cares is important.

A car accident is a major life event that needs to be processed and dealt with.

You Might Need Therapy

Sometimes, we need a little more than just a shoulder to lean on after a traumatic event, and that’s okay. It’s completely normal to struggle with your mental health after a serious car accident – or even a not-so-serious one!

If you’re struggling to process what happened, come to terms with a life-altering injury, serious financial losses, or even a death, you might need to reach out for professional help. Don’t be afraid to look into therapy to help you move past what happened.


As you can tell, there’s a lot of paperwork and other processes that need to be followed after even the most minor of crashes.

Being aware of what you need to do, and how to handle it is the most important step to take. However, prevention is better than cure which is why responsible and safe driving is the best way to avoid ever having to deal with these issues in the first place.

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