The Revolutionary Effects of LR Beauty on Your Beauty and Health Routine

The Revolutionary Effects of LR Beauty on Your Beauty and Health Routine

The iconic French actress Brigitte Bardot says that keeping up a flawless appearance from eight in the morning till twelve at night is the most difficult task imaginable.

Poets have sang about a woman’s beauty and bowed down to her for millennia. But why is this happening?

Having a healthy level of female hormones is apparently the key to a beautiful feminine look.

Here is a vivid example. Scientists from the British University of St Andrews released the results of their research work “Biology of Beauty”. In the course of the study, a group of volunteers were asked to assess by photo the external attractiveness of girls, in whom the level of estrogen was determined on the day of filming. When evaluating the results, it was found that the participants found those girls whose estrogen levels were the highest to be the most attractive.

Not just estrogens determine a woman’s attractiveness. Daily routine for health and beauty should be maintained inside and out. And Health LR is a great help here.

How hormones affect the main components of female beauty

The Revolutionary Effects of LR Beauty on Your Beauty and Health Routine

A woman’s hormonal health and her beauty are inextricably linked. Therefore, famous models and actresses, whose earnings directly depend on their attractive appearance, consider it a health and beauty routine to regularly monitor their own hormonal balance. And it would be good to adopt this rule for all women who care about their health, well-being and, of course, appearance.

The following situations may be cause for concern:

  • increased hair loss;
  • acne on the face, décolletage or back that is not responding well to treatment or is recurring;
  • excess pigmentation on the skin;
  • excessive body fat that cannot be reduced by eating less.

Let’s consider everything in order …

The radiance of healthy skin

Estrogens influence skin density, skin moisture, and wrinkle formation—essentially all the factors that contribute to a healthy, glowing complexion. Tissue pliancy and hydration are maintained by increased collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid levels, both of which are stimulated by estrogens.

Estrogen function is influenced by both physical traits and sex endocrine levels in the blood. Female beauty may also be affected by testosterone, but in a negative way. Sebum production rises with testosterone. In high concentrations, it promotes inflammation by making the skin on the face oilier. Consequently, women are becoming less desirable. Anti-aging for men products contain this hormone. The result is an enhancement in male attractiveness.

The beauty of hair and nails

Estrogens boost hair and nail growth and density. While menstruating and after menopause, testosterone levels rise, causing hair loss and stiffness. In some cases, even such a serious problem as focal baldness can occur. Products from the nail health and beauty category at health and beauty shop LR Beauty can help restore and maintain healthy hair and nails.

The beauty of the figure

Men love the roundness of the physique, which estrogen creates. Fat deposits may manufacture estrogen in addition to sex glands. Thus, hormone balance may vary significantly following acute weight loss or growth.

Excess progesterone promotes female hormonal weight gain. Endocrine-induced weight reduction is feasible. DHEA, which burns fat, has this capability. To help your body from within you can take pro balance tablets or other complexes.

Hormones and motherhood

During pregnancy, estrogen levels rise, making hair thicker and longer, which many women like. However, they enhance skin pigmentation, particularly in UV-exposed regions like the forehead, nose, and cheeks.

Estrogen and prolactin help prepare and stimulate breast growth during breastfeeding.

Female hormones and aging

Female look is mostly determined by estrogens, which keep skin and hair youthful. Ovarian production declines with age. Low blood estrogen accelerates skin aging and wrinkles. More testosterone than estrogen in the blood enhances age-related skin changes and hair loss. High FSH indicates menopause. The body produces it to control estrogen.

Age-related hormonal changes also hide a threat to another indicator of female beauty – posture. Estrogens prevent osteoporosis by delaying bone calcium release. Thus, low blood estrogen in women over 50 causes bad posture and bone fragility.

Health and beauty from LR Beauty

The Revolutionary Effects of LR Beauty on Your Beauty and Health Routine

One of the health and beauty distributors that has won confidence and quality in the cosmetics industry is the German brand LR Beauty. Its goal is to improve women’s self-esteem by enhancing their health and natural attractiveness. LR Beauty has a wide selection of items for your everyday care needs: from moisturizing creams and nourishing masks to personal care products and aromatherapy products USA. The research conducted by the company’s specialists allows the introduction of modern technologies, the use of innovative ingredients and the creation of exclusive formulations. This makes LR Beauty products truly unique on the market and allows them to stand out among competitors. If you’re serious about your health and appearance, LR Beauty is the only choice you need to make.


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