Trendy Ways To Wear Tortoise Shell Glasses


Tortoise shell glasses are a stylish and timeless design that helps express individuality and add personality to your outfit. These glasses fit any occasion, whether heading out with family and friends or going to work. They look great on both women and men, making them a suitable choice when shopping for eyewear frames. Here are innovative ways to choose and wear your tortoise shell eyewear:

Choose Tortoise Shell Frames That Match Your Face Shape

When styling glasses with an outfit, the frame shape you choose plays a role in determining your final look. Choose tortoise shell glasses that flatter your face to help highlight your natural beauty. To select the best shades, you need to know your face shape. Is it heart-shaped or round? Or is it square or oval? Check yourself in the mirror or talk to a friend and ask for their suggestions. Popular tortoise glass frame styles include:

  • Aviator frames: These glasses are ideal for someone interested in adding some edge to their style without going over the top.
  • Cat-eye frames:These glasses are stylish and classy because they offer a vintage look. They are ideal for someone with a petite face because they elongate your features.
  • Square frames:These glasses are great for people with rounder face shapes. They can help your softer facial features appear longer, thinner, and more angular.
  • Round frames:These frames are ideal for oval or rectangular face shapes. They can help soften and balance out sharp facial features. These glasses also cover your whole eye area, which makes them ideal for those who want to mask under-eye puffiness or bags.
  • Oversized frames:These frames can balance bold features and are ideal for people with more prominent faces. They are also useful if you wish to make a statement.

Choose Tortoise Shell Frames That Match Your Skin Tone

To achieve your desired overall look, consider your skin tone as much as the attire you plan to wear. Here are a variety of frame colors and how to select the best ones for your skin tone:

  • Dark skin tone:Choose tortoise shell glasses that have a touch of white, red, or blue. These will help spruce up your look and make you stand out.
  • Medium skin tone:Choose honey-brown or amber colors for tortoise shell frames. These colors can help add warmth and radiance to the skin.
  • Light skin tone:Choose regular brown tortoise or brightly colored shell frames to complement your look. These colors can help brighten and balance out pale skin.

Choose Tortoise Shell Frames That Match Your Personality

If your personality is free and fun, select a pair of glasses with flairs like swirl temples or geometric shapes. If you are professional and conservative, choose something that will not draw too much attention, such as a classic round or aviator frame. For those who are always on the go, select a durable and lightweight pair, such as a rimless frame. If you spend your time working inside or adventuring outside, choose a pair of tortoise shell glasses with the appropriate tint. Matching your frames to your individual lifestyle improves functionality and helps your personality shine.

Choose Tortoise Shell Frames That Match Your Fashion Trend

There’s a pair of tortoise shell eyewear to match any trend or fashion style out there. Women can dress the glasses up with a slipdress and a leopard print handbag. A more casual option is wearing jeans with an off-shoulder top and adding oversized cat-eye frames to complete the look. Add a pair of tortoise shell shades to the top of your head to complement a laid-back messy bun.

Men can wear a pair of turtle shell frames on the weekend with friends. They can pair the glasses with their favorite cargo pants and loose-fitting short-sleeved t-shirt for an impeccable look. If wearing jeans, men can pair them with a floral t-shirt and unisex tortoise shell shades.

Both men and women can add tortoise shell eyewear to their wardrobes when going to the office. The spotted pattern has subtle and fun versions that can add zeal to your work attire.

Buying Stylish Tortoise Shell Glasses

Shop for tortoise shell glasses from a brand known for offering high-quality luxury glasses for men and women. You can find tortoise shell glasses for work, date nights, and casual events. Whether you’re selecting your first pair of eyewear or buying new replacements, get to know your face shape and style to find your favorite pair.

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