Van Helsing Season 5: Characters, Plot, Release, and More Latest Updates


Van Helsing has been a house name ever since the name Dracula became popular. The character has been represented in different lights throughout its history. This character often represents Dracula’s archenemy or frequently as the main villain in the show. 

The series, however, has its interesting representation of the Van Helsing character. Their twist in the story involves having Van Helsing as a woman whose role is to hunt down vampires at a time when vampires rule the world.

This series is a fantasy horror drama. Kelly Overton plays the main character. The series’s storyline was inspired by a graphic novel called Helsing, produced by Zenescope Entertainment.

Van Helsing first aired in a commercial-free preview of their pilot episode last July 13, 2016. It was launched on SYFY ahead of its scheduled premiere that was dated September 23, 2016. 

The second installment of the series aired from 2017-18. The third season was aired during 2018, and the fourth season was aired last year. 

The series is an American-Canadian production and was initially scheduled to premiere on Canada’s Super Channel. However, due to the channel’s bankruptcy proceedings, the production opted to have the premiere on Netflix last December 23, 2016. 

Van Helsing Season 5 Plot

This television series has a post-apocalyptic setting situated shortly. The lead character, Vanessa Van Helsing, is a direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing. In the story, she wakes up from a coma and wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world. 

What brought about the apocalypse was the Yellowstone Caldera’s eruption, which covered the world in ash. In turn, the ashes blocked out any form of sunlight, making it conducive for vampires to live. Due to this, the vampire population thrived up to a point wherein it overran humanity itself. 

Van Helsing is set up to be humanity’s last hope. She has a unique blood composition, which gives her the cure to vampirism. Having this ability made her a target to the vampires. 

Van Helsing Season 5 Cast

Kelly Overton plays the main character, Vanessa Van Helsing. She is humanity’s last hope to cure vampirism, and she is to lead the offensive to take back what humanity lost against the vampires. 

Jonathan Scarfe plays Axel Miller. He is a former marine who is highly devoted to both his duty and Vanessa despite being isolated for many years. 

Christopher Heyerdahl plays Samuel or Sam. He is deaf and a survivor of the Rising. He relies on strength and his observational skills to keep a low profile. Sam is a serial killer and a sociopath that turned into a vampire. 

David Cubitt plays John. Jon is also a survivor of the rising. His actions are fueled by prejudice, anger, suspicion, and fear. 

Vincent Gale plays Flesh. He is one of the first vampires that were turned by Julius during the Rising. He then moved on to become a top lieutenant of Dimitri. He was sent to hunt Vanessa but got cured in the process. 

Rukiya Bernard plays Sarah Carol. She is a doctor from Seattle and a scientist. She used to be a vampire but was cured by Vanessa. Reverting to humanity has been hard on her, and she tried to get a vampire to turn her back. 

Trezzo Mahoro plays Mohamad. He is a happy go, lucky guy, and is close friends with Sam. 

New Cast Members

The 5th season of Van Helsing will be including new members in the cast, namely Ali Liebert, Kim Coates, and Steve Bacic. Coates will be playing Count Dalibor, who is Olivia’s husband. 

Libert will be playing Nina, who is a vampire with an interesting past. She was somehow involved with Julius and is hiding a deadly agenda. 

Bacic will be playing the Father. He is a wild vampire and loves to dress up in animal skins. He has been in hiding taking shelter with a child in an abandoned mine.

Van Helsing Season 5 Release Date

The 5th season of the hit television show Van Helsing was originally scheduled for 2020. Due to the circumstances brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, production had to be delayed to a later release date. 

But regardless of the situation, the tv series is set to be released during the 4th quarter of 2020. This was hinted upon by the show’s executive producer Chad Oakes. No exact launch date has been released. 

Van Helsing Series Latest Updates

Last December, 17th of 2019, the series was renewed for another season, but the creators also announced that this would be the fifth and final season. The production has already wrapped up making the final series and was originally set to premiere last October of 2020, just before Halloween. 

But apparently, delays happened due to the challenges brought about by the quarantine period. Nonetheless, the production team assures its fans that the series will be released before 2020. 

Recap and Season 5 Storyline

The last season’s ending was quite a cliffhanger, so it is expected for the new season to pick up from there. For those who missed it, the fourth season was about how Nicholson helped  Jack and Violet. He took Julius and Axel to help out since Violet needed immediate medical attention. 

They then found themselves in a fight with a daywalker, who was alive. The season ended with Julius and Axel being severely injured. Nicholson died in the battle as well. We then saw Ivory and Violet side by side against Dracula but was unsuccessful. 

Season 5 will pick up from the last time we saw Jack alive but was inside a coffin. During that time, he was in the dark realm.  

Van Helsing Online Streaming Sites

Fans can catch the 5th season premiere of the television series online on SYFY.  Van Helsing will also be available on Amazon Prime and Netflix, but release dates have not been announced yet for these online platforms.

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