Limitless Season 2 Updates and News: Is it Still Happening? Cast, Release, and More Discussed


Are you a ‘Limitless’ fan? If so, then you’ve probably been waiting for the series to get its second season.

The series was based on the 2011 film of the same name. Now, after four years without updates, we finally have some speculation about the possibility of a second season. However, it comes with a major hurdle. Read more to find out. 

About the Limitless Series

‘Limitless’ is the hit American parody TV show arrangement based on the 2011 film of the same name. The series premiered on CBS from September 22, 2015, to April 26, 2016. Season one was a complete spinoff of the movie. 

If we can recall, the conclusion of season one was a major cliffhanger. ‘Limitless’ presented the world created by the movie. It was one of a few films that used the popular myth about humans only using ten percent of their brains. 

Once surpassed, people can unlock magical abilities. ‘Lucy’ was another example of a movie that uses this premise. Fast forward today, fans are still asking the question: “Will Limitless’ return for a second season? 

Limitless Season 2: Story

‘Limitless’ features Bradley Cooper as the main protagonist, Eddie Morra, an author who is given an experimental drug that makes him smarter.

The enhanced knowledge that he acquired enabled him to get rich and become successful. However, the drug possesses dangerous side effects. In addition, Morra also crosses paths with several people who will become his enemies and threaten to ruin him. 

The film’s success propelled Cooper to superstardom. ‘Limitless’ ended with a sequel hook that saw Morra running for Senate. However, instead of a follow-up movie, the sequel of ‘Limitless’ became a TV series on the CBS network. 

‘Limitless’ season one is set four years after the events of the movie. Cooper returns as Morra. However, he’s no longer the lead role in the show. Instead, he hands it over to Brian Finch (portrayed by Jake McDorman). 

Finch takes the same drug. But instead of using it to earn riches and success, he helps the FBI solve crimes. To make sure he doesn’t abuse this newfound power, Finch receives occasional guidance from Morra.

Limitless Season 2: Plot

‘Limitless’ was born out of the idea that people only use ten percent of their minds. When they surpass that sum, they will unlock mysterious capabilities. The plot for season two will revolve around Finch, who releases his mind’s full potential with another medication. 

With his newfound knowledge, Finch is approached to join the FBI. He is then tasked to crack the Bureau’s hardest cases. While he didn’t intend for it, Finch later became wealthy and successful. However, it will come at a price. The dangerous side effects of the medication and the enemies he makes will start to compromise him.

No other details were disclosed after that. We will have to wait for more details in the coming months.

Limitless Season 2: Cast

The main cast of ‘Limitless’ will feature familiar faces. Here are some of the names you’ll expect to be part of Season 2:

  • Jake McDorman (as Brian Finch)
  • Jennifer Carpenter (as FBI Special Agent Rebecca)
  • Slope Harper (as FBI Agent Spelman) 
  • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as (FBI Special Agent “Naz”)

 The cast will also incorporate other names, which will be announced once the show is picked up by a new network.. 

Limitless Season 2: Will It Still Be On CBS?

Speaking of network, many fans are asking if ‘Limitless’ will still be on CBS. If we can recall, ‘Limitless’ was reportedly canceled by CBS after Season one. Despite the show’s solid ratings, it gradually plunged as the entire arrangement advanced. CBS President Glen Geller explained that the show wasn’t ready to associate with their audience and fans. 

While the first season left viewers with a cliffhanger, the network opted not to renew the show. It was likely the result of the show’s low appraisal that forced CBS to cancel it. So, despite the rumors of Season 2, we do not know who will pick up and restore the ‘Limitless’ franchise. 

Limitless: Why Was It Canceled?

The show met with strong ratings on its debut. Fans were captivated by the unique concept of the series that got a lot of viewers hooked. Unfortunately, the numbers started to dip as the series progressed towards the end. Geller felt that the show didn’t connect with viewers in a significant way. With that, the network decided to end the show before the ratings got even worse. 

Limitless Season 2: Will Other Networks Jump In?

Prior to its cancelation on CBS, the ‘Limitless’ franchise was shopped around to various other networks. The producers took it to both Amazon and Netflix in hopes that they’d pick up the show. Unfortunately, no takers were found, which is a significant hurdle on the possibility of a season two. 

While the ratings did drop, ‘Limitless’ still had decent numbers at the end of season one. It still has a considerable fan base waiting for the continuation of the story. Unfortunately, it didn’t convince other media platforms to take a chance to renew it for season two. So we will have to wait until another network takes a chance on it. 

Limitless Season 2: Shaking Things Up 

The main problem with ‘Limitless’ was that it took its literally mind-altering concept and turned it entirely into a procedural. Many experts claim that it wasn’t the best and most creative direction of the franchise.

Season 2 would see the public become aware of the NZT drug, which would completely alter the entire dynamic. Morra will also go missing, which will also play a major role moving forward as the show shifts its focus to Finch. 

However, with the main concept of solving crimes still intact, the show wouldn’t undergo a major shakeup. Morra’s presidency plans would also be a major subplot to look out for. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a while until other platforms jump in and take a gander at ‘Limitless.’ Until then, season 2 looks doubtful.

Hopefully, a network will approach soon as fans are waiting tirelessly for the second installment of the show. Stay tuned for all the big revelations about Season 2 in the coming months. 

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