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Which heart does not skip a beat when Dominic Toretto walks in! You say multi talented, I hear Vin Diesel. An actor, director, and singer, there’s almost nothing he cannot do. He has proved that despite the fact, life isn’t always fair and generous, one can achieve whatever one wants, with utter determination and consistent efforts.

Personal Details :

Full Name:Mark Sinclair
Stage Name:Vin Diesel
Birthday:18 July 1967
Place Of Origin:Alameda County, California, United States
Age:53 years old
Height:1.82 m
Weight:102 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Wife:Paloma Jimenez
Profession: Actor, Filmmaker, Singer
Total Net Worth:$225 million

How much Vin Diesel's Net Worth

Early life

Born on the 18th of July 1967, Mark Sinclair, rather popularly known as Vin Diesel hails from Alameda County, California in the United States. He was born to a White American, astrologer by profession mother, Delora Sherleen Vincent. He never had the luck to meet his biological father and was rather raised by his Afro – American step father, Irving H. Vincent. He debuted with Barbara Garson’s stage play, Dinosaur Door, at the age of seven.

Vin, along with a few of his friends, had broken into the theatre and not with good intentions, when they were caught by the artistic director of the theatre, who instead of punishing them, casted them in the play. He pursued theatre for a long time, after which he studied creative writing and became a screenwriter.

Personal Life

The actor has always identified himself with the “Al Pacino code of silence” and does not prefer talking about his personal Life, publicly. Whatever little is known to the media of his personal Life is just that the actor started dating his co-actor from Fast and Furious, Michelle Rodriguez in the year 2001.

He started seeing Mexican Model Paloma Jimenez in the year 2007 and has been in a happily ever after relationship since then. The couple has three children, Hania Riley, Vincent Sinclair and Pauline . 

He is known for his beautiful heavy voice. Talking about the same, he asserted that his voice started changing when he was 15 and he found it quite overwhelming as it made him sound more than his age on the phone calls. He also shares a close relationship with Late Paul Walker’s family and is also the God father to his daughter, Meadow.


This tall and Muscular actor is as much loved and adored for his physique as is for his acting and movies. He weighs 102 kg and has a height of 1.82 metres. He’s a fitness icon even at the age of 53 years.


He debuted with a small role in Awakenings, that came in the year 1990. He turned the tables with his almost autobiographical movie “Multi Facial”, that was written, directed and produced by him and also had him as the lead. The movie caught the eye of Steven Spielberg who was really impressed by diesel and offered him a role in his movie Saving Private Ryan.

“Strays”, was a movie that was directed, written and produced by Vin, in the year 1997. The movie’s plot revolved around a guy who was head over heels in love with a woman and was ready to give up anything for her. The guy was initially a gangster but his love for his lady made him change for her completely.

At the Sundance festival, the movie got a feature and won many hearts. It was then signed for a deal by MTV to turn it into a series. “Pitch Black” was the movie that brought a turning point to Vin’s career. He played an anti protagonist named Riddick, in the movie and gained recognition.

His image of an action hero was carved by movies like “Street Racing”, “Fast and Furious” and XXX. He even gave his voice to the protagonist of the movie, “The Iron Giant”, that was released in the year 1999. The character of Groot was also voiced by Vin in movies like Guardians of Galaxy, Avengers : End game and Avengers : Infinity War.

Boiler Room

He bagged an important part in the movie “Boiler Room” that was a drama thriller and starred Giovanni Ribisi and Ben Affleck. Vin Diesel has been quite a risk taker at heart. He refused the offers for the respective sequels of Xxx and Fast and Furious and instead, took the character of Riddick and reprised it in “The chronicles of Riddick”. However, the movie failed terribly at the box office.

In the movie “Find me guilty” that was released in the year 2006, he played “Jack DiNorscio”, who is believed to be a hooligan in real life. The movie did not perform well at the box office but it brought him a lot of critical acclaim. Ang Lee’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” featured him in a cameo. The movie was a war satire. 

He went back to his fast and furious series when his movie Babylon AD failed terribly at the box office and was criticised a lot. In the year 2020, Vin debuted into the music industry with “Feel Like I Do” that was produced by Kygo.

He also featured in “Bloodshot” that was released in 2020. Lately news about him being a part of James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is doing rounds.


Vin Diesel was presented with the Screen Actors Guild Award in the year 1999 for his Outstanding Performance in the movie “Saving Private Ryan”. In 2001, he was presented with the Blockbuster entertainment award in the category “Favourite actor”, for the movie “Pitch Black”. He also won the MTV movie awards for Xxx and Fast and Furious. Vin Diesel craft won him several other awards like “Spike video game award” and “Teen Choice award”.

Net worth of Vin Diesel

As per the reports of 2021, Vin Diesel accounts for a net worth of $225 million. 

Ending Note

His near and dear ones describe him to be a family man. His world revolves around his three children and his wife. His simplicity despite the fact that he is occupied with all his stardom, is remarkable.

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