Fetty Wap’s Net Worth, How Much Is Fetty Wap Worth

Fetty Wap's Net Worth

In the world of rap music, a name that cannot be skipped is Fetty Wap. Like other rappers, this man has also established his worth owing to his contribution to music. Other than popularly known as a rapper, Fetty is also behind the production job. 

The American rapper hasn’t been for a long time in the industry of music. But he made a rocking appearance with hit singles including Trap Queen, seven years ago. It became successful in making people grooving over it, and got into the top second rank in the Billboard music charts. It got multiple million copies sold. 

His early single hit success paved him to sign a contract deal with a renowned record label company. After Trap Queen, Fetty also came up with other single hits, including My Way. And the other to mention is 679. Both were listed in his debut single album, which was released six years ago in September, topping the musical charts in the United States. 

With this brief introduction, now you must be intrigued in knowing more about this talented rapper from America. So let us have some extracts from his life, career, total earning, etc, in this article. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Willie Junior Maxwell II
Stage Name:Fetty Wap
Birthday:7th June 1991
Place Of Origin:Paterson, New Jersey, United States
Age:29 years old
Height:1.85 m
Weight:77 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Wife:Leandra Gonzalez
Profession:American rapper, singer, and songwriter
Total Net Worth:$10 million

How much Fetty Wap's Net Worth

Early Life

The birth of American rapper, Fetty Wap took place in the United States, during the 90s in June. At birth, he was called Maxwell. If you notice his face, then you will spot his either affected eye. No, it is not due to some injury caused due to brawl, but it is some other reason. 

If you want to know the actual reason behind his affected eye then it was the problem of glaucoma, which happened to him at an early stage. Because of which he cannot see from one eye properly. Rather, he took help from the prosthetic and wore an artificial eye during his younger days. 

You might sympathize with his condition, but Fetty had gone through a bad experience during his school days. He was mocked for his affected eye by his classmates. Finding it difficult to tolerate the insult inflicted on him, he picked up fights with them, and once in the fit of rage, threw a whole desk on his classmate. 

Fetty never felt ashamed or ridiculed for his affected eye, rather, he was okay with it. And then he did something which others feel uncomfortable doing. The prosthetic eye he was wearing on his affected eye portion, was removed by him, making his disability open to the world without any qualms. Guys, I must say, it needs guts to do this. And Fetty indeed had it.

Fetty gained his first experience with music when he used to play his drum performances with his father and sibling in church on Sundays. So one can say, it was the dawn of his musical career. 

Initial Struggle

Fetty never had pleasant experiences in his teenage life. Notwithstanding a few more insults, he left the school. When he had nothing to do, he got involved in drugs. His condition was also worse, as he did not have any home shelter. Fetty once mentioned his deplorable condition having no place to sleep. He was lucky enough to have the carpet to rest upon. 

Personal Life

When you know the art of charming women, then disability doesn’t seem a barrier for you. I am saying this in the context of American rapper, Fetty. He had multiple relationships with women and even had kids with them. Currently, he is married to Leandra. 


It is said there is something that prompts you to walk on the road that takes you to your right destination. The same happened with Fetty. His poverty became that underlying factor in paving to make his destiny in rap music. 

He was accompanied by his friend, in testing the multiple beats, after searching from the social community based on music. Together Fetty and he went through many recordings, sharpening their skills of rapping, and getting proficiency in it. And later the fateful day came in when both founded the rap beat, bringing further fame to Fetty.

Trap Queen was that song that opened the gates of fame for Fetty. The song became a huge success, reaching platinum status. It played more than 120 million on the music community and gained more than 400 viewership. Six years back, he once again came up with two more hits, including 679, that garnered impressive million views on the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. 

Gaining the taste of success at the beginning of his rap career, Fetty came back with his third single that too rocketed the American musical charts among the top 20. In the history of music, Fetty became the rapper whose 3 songs got hit the charts. 

Way back in 2015, the American rapper also released an album of his name, which once again became a success on Billboard charts. He also followed with two mixtapes. In the following years, Fetty came up with more hit songs, including Wake Up, Flip Phone, and Jimmy Choo

In the later stage of his musical career, Fetty also shared multiple participation with other music stalwarts including the American-Trinidadian rapper, Nicky Minaj and other two.

Legal Brunt

Fetty had faced the legal brunt with multiple charges of causing harm to property, character assassination, violation of copyright, and assault also. 

Net Worth Of Fetty Wap

According to 2021, $10 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of American rapper Fetty Wap. He has accumulated his wealth from his musical feats. All kudos to his breakthrough song, Trap Queen, that paved him a lucrative career in the world of music. 

Fetty: An Inspiration For Many

The American rapper has indeed cited a perfect example of dedication and hard work. Beginning through a tougher phase of his life, and being mocked in school for his deformed eye, Fetty established himself as a rapper, through his hard work and passion for music.

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