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Ways of Getting Free Xbox Live Codes

Xbox Live Codes

Gaming has revolutionized in these current times. For you to enjoy playing any video game, be it soccer, basketball, racing, fighting, and many others you do need a gaming console.

When it comes to a gaming console, there are many of them in the market. Even though they perform the same but to get unlimited and uninterrupted playing time think of purchasing the Xbox live.

If you got this console, then you know how well it works. But if it’s your first time using it, then you’ve discovered that you require Xbox live codes. These codes are essential in helping you buy or download games from Xbox Live marketplace without spending a dollar.

On many occasions, some of our readers have been asking us if they can get Free Xbox Live codes. Yes, if you are looking to get these codes, then you are in the right place.

Let’s begin.

Legal Ways of Obtaining Free Xbox Live Codes

Without spending more time here are legitimate methods you can use in 2020 to earn yourself free Xbox live codes.

Free Xbox Live Codes


The first method is by using GiftCardsBuzz. This is a generator that allows Xbox Live users to get free codes which they can redeem when buying or downloading apps from Xbox Live marketplace. All you require is to visit the official GiftCardsBuzz website. On the search, panel type Free Xbox Live codes and click search. Open the first result and scroll down then click on Access Generator.

After doing so, it will open a new tab, enter the password and click submit then choose the gift card value you want. The code will generate. Follow the next instructions, and upon completion, you will receive the code.

XBL Reward

XBL Reward is termed as the number one place for Xbox users to receive free Xbox gift cards. It is another way to get Xbox Live codes. First, create an account on XBL reward website. Then complete the required tasks and games. Make sure you finish all the tasks and games. For your information, you will be at times required to download mobile applications to earn points. When you reach the target number of points, you can redeem an Xbox gift card. For example, the points I do need to get an Xbox gift card is 700.


Getting free Xbox live codes doesn’t come on a silver platter. On SurveyJunkie, you need to create an account and be ready always to read their emails, play games, and fill-in surveys. When you complete a SurveyJunkie account, you will receive $5 as a signup bonus. By participating in their surveys, reading their emails, and playing games, you will eventually earn free Xbox live codes.


Do you own an Android smartphone? Then AppStation will work well on your device as it is only available for Android. Go to Google Playstore and search for AppStation. Download and install the app when you have done that you can know to earn money or gift cards by playing games found on the application. After playing games, you will receive either money or gift cards which you can redeem on the Xbox live marketplace.


Another simple way of earning codes to use on Xbox Live is through Lifepoints. This is a survey website that allows you to receive gift cards. After you complete the registration process, you will earn ten Lifepoints. However, to get the Xbox codes, you need to receive $300. Therefore, participate in many surveys to increase your Lifepoints for fast and easy redeeming of the Xbox live codes.

AppKarma Rewards and Gift Cards

Developed by AppKarma this reward and gift card mobile application is another best and free way of earning Xbox live gift cards. But for you to get them, you need to play games such as Happy Zoo, scratch cards, and many others. By playing and winning many games, you earn badge rewards. The more points you have, the easier to redeem for any gift card or money. Additionally, when you invite your friends, you will receive 30% of what they earn.


Reddit is a social news and discussion platform that has gained lots of traction in recent years. The platform has enabled people from different countries to share Xbox live codes for free. All you need is join trustworthy threads such as or Also, there are others but consider these two before searching for others.

FuturePoints: Get Rewarded

Over five million people have download FuturePoints, and currently, it has a review rating of 4.1 after 116,000 submitted and verified reviews. This app enables you to earn gift cards, but you must complete surveys, buy items online, or play games. By doing so, you will get points which you can use to earn gift cards.


These are all simple methods you can use to earn free Xbox live codes. We advise that you only use the ways we have given you. Pick the way that suits you and redeem the Xbox live codes for your favorite games on Xbox Live.

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