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Samsung Smart TV Apps You Must Have

Samsung Smart TV Apps

Smart TV apps have become a trending technology nowadays. However, each TV brand comes with compatibility with specific apps. If you have a Samsung TV, several apps will make your leisure time awesome.

We have, therefore, come up with a compilation of apps that will make you enjoy watching. Using your Samsung TV, you will have incredible moments in real-time. Have a look.

Pluto Tv

If you are a fan of streaming movies, this app is for you. It comes with a broader range of content over a large spectrum of categories. Therefore, you will comfortably watch horror movies, comedy, thriller, and more content using the app.


Who doesn’t know YouTube? It is a universal app available via smartphones and other devices. In our case, the app makes perfect usage when applied over your Samsung TV. You will have access to a broader range of content, varying from videos and music with specifications to specific user groups.

YouTube is undergoing several advancements, which makes its new features perfect for use by any group. Each release from YouTube is getting an instant hit.

Smart TV apps


If you are a fan of music, you have no reason to miss Spotify. It is a popular app that many people use hence perfect for use with your TV. The app allows you to enjoy the simultaneous streaming of your music.

You can comfortably plat more than three songs using the app. If you have your lovely playlist, you have a chance to create a playlist and decide to play it on loop. Moreover, the app comes with a premium version, which you can unblock for more music.


Among the trending apps on Samsung TV, Netflix takes the second position. YouTube only beats it.  The platform allows you to access several movies and streaming content at your comfort.

In case you have videos that you want to watch later, the app allows you to save and watch at your own convenient time. You will have to create an account then access it to choose the kind of content you may wish to watch.

When it comes to movie watching, the platform makes the ideal choice. It has remarkable features that help in making your entertainment sessions awesome. The best movies for smart TVs are found on Netflix.

PlayStation Now

Abbreviated as PSN, the PlayStation is a perfect app for gaming. Most people, especially children, love gaming. Having this app on your Samsung smart Tv will make your children enjoy the moments.

You will play all your favorite PS2, 3, and 4 games without a hassle in the comfort of your home. You will be amazed by how the app manages, accommodating the heavy loads from the streaming servers.

The essential thing you will need to enjoy your gaming is the stable internet. The app will function as the best collection of gaming applications.

National Geographic Kids

If you have children and a smart Samsung TV, and you don’t have this app, you lagging. This is a must app for children as they grow. Your children will have ample time to learn various things, including entertainment, technology, science, culture, and animals.

One unique thing with this app is that it is very interactive hence suitable for learners. It has the right content that your children will love and enjoy.

Karaoke TV

If you love watching HD videos, the karaoke app is the ideal choice for you. It has perfect functionality with your Samsung smart TV. When watching games over the weekend with your family or friends, the app makes the ideal choice.

You have a chance to listen to your favorite music as you read and sing the lyrics. It is, therefore, suitable for both watching and listening to music. You can also enjoy karaoke games using the same app.

Amazon prime video

When streaming content, it is wise to try several apps. One App you should never fail to try is the amazon prime Video. It is prevalent among people who love streaming movies and shows. You will be amazed by the extensive genres of content.

It comes with a subscription that is not expensive. You will love the quality of the content it delivers and the extent it covers.

Amazon prime music

For lovers of music, it is lovely to have an app specifically for listening to music. This app belongs to amazon and comes with a subscription that covers the benefits of the app. You will have an opportunity to create your perfect playlist.

Interestingly, the app allows you to enjoy music played in different languages and genres. You will love the app because it is affordable and easy to use.


Having a Samsung Smart TV is very interesting. You will have an opportunity to use various apps with specific functionalities. Playing games, listening to music, watching streaming content and videos are some of the benefits. Getting a compatible app is the best thing.

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