Wendy Durst Kreeger: Bio, Education and Family

Wendy Durst Kreeger

Wendy Durst Kreeger is an American philanthropist, writer, and daughter of Seymour Durst and Bernice Herstein. Her siblings are Robert Durst, Thomas Durst, and Douglas Durst.

Wendy Kreeger attended Scarsdale high school, then joined Skidmore College, and later joined Washington Square College of arts and science, a university in New York.


Wendy got married to Douglas Allen Kreeger in 1968, a  beautiful ceremony held in the Terrace Room of the Plaza Hotel.

Douglas Allen Kreeger, wendy’s husband, grew up in Scarsdale, where he attended Scarsdale High School. He later joined New York University, earning a bachelor’s degree in general business.

Douglas Kreeger got the chance to teach second-grade children on the Lower East Side before he worked as a developer of learning programs for Random House.

Douglas later started his own business, Kreeger & Sons Store, in 1972, selling backpacking equipment. His store gained popularity and had many customers, he made a bounty from it, but unfortunately, he decided to sell it.

Wendy’s sons

With Douglas Kreeger, Wendy became blessed with two sons; Evan Kreeger, the eldest, and Keith Kreeger.

Evan Kreeger, the first born of Wendy Kreeger,got a chance to appear in a documentary series, “The Jinx.” Evan is active on social media platforms, and you can find him on Twitter at @KreegerEvan. He is also active on Instagram, with 156 followers, having posted 19 times and following 131 users.

Wendy Durst’s other son, Keith Kreeger, is an artist and designer and owns a ceramics studio. He designs porcelain wares, which private clients highly covet. He is active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where over 19k followers with 7864 posts follow him.

Wendy Durst’s Parents

Wendy’s parents were Seymour Durst and  Bernice Herstein. Her father, Seymour Durst, was a real estate investor and developer, and he invented the National Debt Clock.

Bernice Herstein, wendy’s mother, was an American socialite but died at a younger age,32, when she jumped off the roof of her three-story building. Wendy’s mother’s death remains a mystery, unsure if it was a suicide or an accident.

Wendy Durst’s siblings

Robert Durst was quite a notable character. He was convicted for the murder of his friend Susan Berman and was also a key suspect in the murder of Morris Black, his neighbor. Surprisingly he was also suspected of the disappearance of his wife, Kathleen McCormack Durst. He was found guilty in one of the three suspected killings.

Wendy’s brother Robert Durst kicked the bucket on January 10, 2022, at the age of 78 due to cardiac arrest at the San Joaquin General Hospital.

Robert had an estimated net worth of 65 million dollars

Douglas Durst, Wendy’s brother, is The Durst Foundation’s current chairman. He is a Jewish real estate businessman based in New York City.

Thomas Durst is a philanthropist and a real estate developer based in Tony Marin County town of Ross.

Social media

Wendy Durst doesn’t seem to be into too much social media since there are no active accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

But you can find her on PeekYou.


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