Nathaniel William Shue: What You Need to Know About Him

Nathaniel William Shue

Nathaniel William Shue is a professional footballer who plays right-back for the Highlanders Football Giants. He was born in Los Angeles on August 1, 1996. His father, Andrew Shue, an actor, was a football player at some point and is also co-founder of CafeMom. Nathaniel William Shue is the eldest in a family of three; the others are Aiden Shue and Wyatt Shue.

Additionally, Nathaniel William Shue’s mother, Jennifer Hageney, is currently a professional floral designer and lives her life privately.

Let us explore this talented young, ambitious talent.


Nathaniel Shue finds pleasure in sports activities, particularly football. As a former Highlanders player, his father, Andrew Shue, and Nathaniel got involved with the highlanders and trained with them in the 2015-2016 season.

As a player Development academy member, Nathaniel first enrolled at Princeton high school before joining Blair Academy. For his intense passion, Nathaniel was selected as a senior player of the year.

Despite being focused on his football career, Nathaniel Shue wrote a short film with his friend Alex Punch some time back.


Andrew Shue, Nathaniel’s father, is a talented personality; he was featured in the television series  Melrose Place as Billy Campbell. Additionally, Andrew Shue played for Highlanders Football giants for a short time before venturing into something else. He was also a co-founder of Do Something, where he was part of the board of directors. To top it all off, Andrew Shue is co-founder of CafeMom, a social networking website. Andrew Shue married Amy Robach in 2010 after divorcing his first wife, Jennifer Hageney

Nathaniel Shue’s mother, Jennifer Hageney, the first wife of Andrew Shue, is a floral decorator. Jennifer is so secretive about her private life that she has not revealed much about her parents and siblings. Currently, Jennifer Hageney is not on any social media platforms.

Aiden Shue, Nathaniel’s younger brother, also plays for Highlanders Football Giants as a midfielder.

It’s notably a family that is actively involved in sporting activities.

Net Worth and Girlfriend

Most footballers earn quite a good amount; Nathaniel, being involved in football since his early school days, must be earning well from his passion. Not much has been revealed about his net worth.

Judging from his Instagram posts with his father, Andrew Shue can assume they are stable and enjoying their life.

Nathaniel hasn’t revealed much about his romantic side; he seems to have focused more on his footballing career and probably has no current girlfriend.

Social media

Nathaniel Shue is active on social media, majorly on Instagram, with 262 followers. He has only posted nine times up to date, having posted his first post on July 20, 2021. Nathaniel Shue only follows 166 users. From his Instagram post, you can learn a thing or two, like there was a time he was making a short film with his friend Alex Punch. You can find him on Instagram at @nathanielshue. On the other hand, Andrew Shue, Nathaniel’s father, is followed by over 21k followers with 22 posts.

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