What Are Transcripts Evaluation Services And What You Must Know About Them?

Transcripts Evaluation Services

United States is the most sought after destination for education and the largest hub advanced studies in the world. Few would like to challenge this fact and for the last several decades its supremacy has remained unchallenged though several countries have invested heavily on their education system.

Thousands of students from every corner of the world aspire to study in the United States. The richest and the most powerful nation in the world, United States is also home to top universities and colleges.

In fact no other country in the world can claim to match the inflow of international students. The level of exposure that students have in terms of research work, fellow students and industry experience is unparalleled.

US education is often seen as a ticket to success since degrees from US colleges and universities is in high demand around the world. You can find yourself high paying jobs easily after you finish your higher education in the US. All said and done securing admission in the top-ranked colleges and universities is far from being easy.

Students who have attended a high school, college or university need to arrange for their documents to be evaluated in order to bring them to US equivalence.There are few colleges and institutions that do the transcripts evaluations on their own but they are far and few and even in such cases students need to bear the cost of these evaluations. In most cases you will have to arrange for these evaluations at your own expanse. This is understandable given the diversity of the applications received during the admission season.

This is where it becomes important for you to get in touch with agencies that offer transcripts evaluation service. These agencies play a very important role in the US Education System and help institutions admit the best minds from around the world.

Evaluation service providers work as a well-oiled machines following strict ethical standards and serve the interest of students who have completed part of their education in another country. These services aren’t limited to education alone as these evaluations can also open doors for professional licenses and employment for aspirants looking to immigrate into the United States.

How Transcripts Evaluation Services Work?   

It is important to note here that unlike in some other countries thereis no national organizationinvolved in transcripts evaluations. This often creates doubts in the minds of students who are coming from countries with such organizations.  However, there are agencies that offer these services for a small fee.

These agencies are members of NAFSA (Association of International Educators) andAACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) and other similar Associations and their transcripts evaluation reports are accepted by institutions across the United States.

The process of getting your documents and transcripts evaluated is fairly simple. You don’t even need to land up in the United States to get their evaluated. Once you have zeroed in on a reputable transcripts evaluation service provider you need to upload all your documents and transcripts that need to be evaluated.

These agencies methodically evaluate all your credentials and prepare reports that rate your credentials to US equivalency. You can easily submit these evaluation reports along with your application to an institution of your choice.

The purpose of this evaluation is to prevent forged or altered documents being misused by students while applying for courses in the United States. These evaluators are experts in separating wheat from the chaff and establish the validity of all the credentials presented. During the evaluation process these agencies communicate any doubts they have about the degree or other documents with their clients to ensure an error-free report is generated that increases your odds of success.

Educations Institutions Require Evaluations

As a rule almost all reputable colleges and universities in the United States require students to submit complete applications including course-by-course assessment that would bring them to US equivalence and allow the institutions to be fair in rating students applying for their programs. The more popularity that the institution enjoys they stress more of getting all your transcripts translated and evaluated by a recognized agency.

This evaluation reports includes detailed description of total term of education completed in a foreign country, course details, credit hours, grades and degrees. Apart from this the report also highlights the overall academic performance that can be compared to the educational system in the United States. Under the US Education System semester credits and GPA (grade point average) are used for assessing the performances of students on a scale of 4.0. Transcripts evaluation service providers bring your degree on an equivalent GPA scale that helps you in securing admission easily to these prestigious institutions.

Non-English Transcripts Require Translation   

Students coming from non-English speaking countries whose documents are not in the English language need to submit English translations of all their documents along with the US equivalency reports students. These transcripts must be word-for-word English translations which have to be submitted along with the foreign-language documents.

Though English translations prepared by Colleges, and Universities in your country are accepted, those by unauthorized translators may not be admissible along with your application. Your transcripts evaluation service provider might offer these services or guide you to an authorized translator to get this job done.

To sum up, if you are applying for admissions to the United States colleges and universities you must immediately get in touch with a reputable transcripts evaluation service provider. They must be recognized by the United States Department of Education for their transcript evaluation reports to be accepted by the institutions.

There are hundreds of agencies that offer these services and not all of them are recognized by the Department of Education. Getting your transcripts evaluated by non-recognized agencies might hurt your prospects of securing admissions.

Do not waste any time when you have decided to study in the United States. Get in touch with atranscripts evaluation service provider and get your evaluation report within a few days.


In this write-up we look at the importance of transcripts evaluation service and all that you need to know about them.

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