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Pastels are comforting, relaxing, and at the same time, very cheerful. Soft pastel hues have bright and light tones, making them perfect for home designs. The colors are trending in home decor as they look very welcoming and have a dual-tone.

So, if you don’t know what goes with pastels, here’s all the information. Keep reading to learn what colors go well with pastels – home decor tips.

Colors That Go With Pastels

Here are some iconic colors that complement pastels to create a heavenly look. Then, pair it with the right wall decor, lights, flooring, etc., to notice a surprising change in your space. Some of the best colors that go with pastels are:

Colors That Go With Pastels

Bring Character With Black Wall Arts

Black goes very well with pastel hues of pink, blue, and White. Instead of adding it to the palette, introduce it in wall arts. This will create a perfect blend of pastel with a darker shade.

You can try the glorious moon wall art collection at ElephantStock, which looks eternal. In addition, you must layer your pastel walls to bring character, focal point, and texture. Dark shades like black create an edgy look that looks unique.

Orange for Creating Retro Look

Travel back to the 1950s by creating an amazing retro look. Pastels look irresistible with terra cotta orange shade; you can make an accent wall, wallpapers on the wall having orange hues. It brings an instant energetic vibe to the place.

Emerald Green to Bring Calmness

Emerald green and light aqua and all the pastel shades look brilliant together. It brings a feeling of sporty and calm vibes. You can use emerald green wall textures, accent pieces, etc. This will delight your eyes as the pairing looks unique and satisfying.

Muted Navy to add Drama

You can use a muted navy to add perfect depth, drama, and character. It especially looks good with pastel that is near to White. For example, you can add lamps, pots, cushion covers, wall arts, etc., having navy blue hues. The setup looks quite sophisticated and has a note of luxury.

Neutrals That Go with Pastels

Many neutrals go wonderfully well with pastels. You can travel the safe road if you don’t want to experiment with bright colors. Instead, add colors through home decor items, wallpapers, fabrics, etc. some of the neutrals that look brilliant with pastels are:

Neutrals That Go with Pastels


Nude and pastel shades compliment each other like no other. Nude shades can be incorporated into furniture, lights, and accent walls and look amazing. In addition, it brings back some warm feelings of summer, which are very comforting and trending.

Off White

Off White will make your space look like a fairyland. Imagine lilac, blues, and dusty pinks with a cream color. It perfectly balanced the tone and looks amazing. You can also bring it through sofas, cushion covers, pendant lights, window frames, curtains, etc. It will let your pastel shine and, at the same time, create the perfect balance.


Beige is the new black and trending like anything. Beige is a very versatile color that goes very well with pastels too. It looks very mature and deep and lets you experiment with other decor items. You can try this neutral shade with the lightest of blue and pink.

Bonus Tips

Pair pastel hues of blue, lilac, pink, whites, and almost everything with perfect layerings. Add notes of color through decor, design, and furniture. Don’t overwhelm the place with so many colors; instead, keep it two or three colors. It will help you notice each detail and will not feel cluttered. So, pick your favorite pastel color and start decorating with the above tips. Have a happy decorating time!

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