What is a Better Option – AC repair or replacement in Quakertown, PA?

AC repair

Are you having a hard time and unsure as to what to do with your old air conditioner? Relax and ease yourself, as you have landed just right in this article. This post will lay out all your doubts about the old air conditioner and guide you right to the best decision.

To start with, there will not be any need for air conditioner replacement unless it has gone past its expiry period. But at the same time, investing in a new and updated air conditioner model will bring loads of benefits to you.

Consider Your AC Age

The most prime factor that needs to be focused on for AC replacement Quakertown, PA, is the age factor. Once it has gone beyond its expiry age, the best option will be to have it replaced.

Another best way to decide on replacement or AC repair is by doing the calculation technique. All you have to do is take the cost of the repairing cost and subtract it from the cost of the new equipment.

If there is a vast difference between the price factor, and the repairing can be done by spending few dollars, then repair your air conditioner. But if the cost factor is high and the unit is also old giving constant repairing troubles, then opt for the new model.

AC repair or replacement

Energy Efficiency Matters

The advancement in the development of the air conditioner technology has improved greatly, rewarding with high energy efficiency. When you are investing in a new AC model, give importance to the energy stars or SEER ratings.

The maximum lifespan for the air conditioner is 15 years and if it is annually maintained and serviced, another 2-3 years can be added to it. However, a poorly maintained AC lasts for 10 years and a maximum of 12 years’ period time. So, if your AC has reached or neared its expiry date, switch to the latest and energy-efficient air conditioner models. After all, why suffer and pay high bills and keep up with AC repair in Quakertown, PA, when you can enjoy stress-free and repair-free air conditioner days.

Air Conditioner 5 Years Old

As stated above, the maximum period of AC is 10 years and above. So if your air conditioner is 5+ years and has a good warranty for its parts, then repairing is the smartest option.

The experts call for the repairing option because the warranty of the compressor lasts up to 10 years. Though the warranty may change on each brand, it is still advisable to get it repaired as most of the parts will be good in function.

If you are looking for the best advice and repair solutions, contact American Home Comfort team. They are the leading technicians in the place where you will be promised only reliable and right air conditioner solutions and services.

Air Conditioner 10-12 years Old

Now, this is where it gets tricky and puzzling. This stage is considered the most difficult and confusing stage, for it is during these times, the air conditioner gives issues.

If the repairing or the replacing cost is covered under budget, then you can go for repairing. You will notice a decline in its performance and energy efficiency factor, but you will get it covered for the system will still give good effectuation.

However, if you have to call up your technician at least thrice in a year for repeated troubles and issues, then get it replaced. It will not be of any use dragging the old system where you will only end up paying high utility bills and low performing system.

Air Conditioner 12+ Years

By this time, your air conditioner has reached its expiry period and the performance will also be not effective. If you have serviced and maintained your AC system, then it will reward you with 2-3 years more. If not, get it replaced and invest in a new model that will save you at least 50% on its operating cost.

Therefore, it is left to you as to whether you want to continue using your old system paying double its operating cost, or opting for a new one that will reward you with great performance, low utility bills, and high efficiency. Choose smartly and get help from the experts.

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