What to do When the Mobile Signal Drops

Mobile Signal Drops

Low mobile signal is a common concern, with most of the people look for their own solutions to the cellular signal issues, which are highly specialised.

The typical condition is that there are few to no signal bars and calls are often dropped. It depends on whether or not a repeater can aid in this case — which you can normally recognise quickly.

The reception of bad mobile devices is a widespread issue and triggers bad signal in two categories: localised, weak coverage due to materials building or damaging interference and geographic gap or obstacles between your mobile phone and the closest cell tower.

Mobile phones have changed how we interact with each other in the past few years. With continuous technology advancement, the new and better versions of smartphones keep launching in the market. We look forward to these shiny new toys that make our lives much better.

Having said that, the mobile market is booming with millions of people utilizing the benefits of this technology. It was not long ago that people just used their cell phones to telephone.

E-mailing is as important for modern people as eating and sleeping while watching videos and talking on social networks. The mobile platform is all of us.

Depending on your mobile provider and the country in which you live, mobile data transfer varies. In reality, data speeds are often very disappointing, considering the massively advertised 4G high speed plans. Or worse yet. It is very normal for our customers to ask them to boost their 4 G signal but they do not get it at all after a few questions.

It’s not a surprise that in the years to come, it will increase reaching all the corners of the world. There is not even an hour that we can pass without mobile phones. It has become an essential item similar to food, electricity and gas.

While it is fun to use smartphones and we all are taken by its benefits. There are a few glitches that can make you question the technology. One of such glitches is network connectivity issues without which the functionality of mobile phones is limited. What are the issues that one encounters when there are feeble networks or no network at all?

We’re going to address these in this blog. In order to send or receive messages, smartphones require a minimum signal strength to connect with the cell tower.

If the signal strength is less than -120dBm, it would lead to call drops, voice breakage and undelivered SMS. This makes sense but what about when you are in the urban area where cell towers can be easily found but the signal drops? This makes you think about the downsides of technology.

Here are a few things you can do when facing network issues.

Restarting the mobile phone: Sometimes it is a minor snag that happens and you can switch off and on your mobile phone to make it work. If this doesn’t resolve the issue either, switch it to the airplane mode. The downside with this is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It could be a different problem. You can check if there is a problem with the handset or the service provider. If it isn’t about these two scenarios then installing a mobile signal booster for home could be the answer to all the network problems.

Change the service provider: Let’s say you recently shifted to a new house and realised there are signal issues despite being the best locality in the area with all the facilities but one problem. That is poor connectivity. One of the reasons could be due to building materials such as concrete, steel and metal roofs. These materials block the signal resulting in call drops and voice breakage. You can’t change the material but you can install a signal booster to make it work.

2G, 3G or 4G: If you are facing network issues, you can check if the area is covered under 4G, 3G or 2G. This can be frustrating to know but it might be the answer to the problem. There are many areas that are not covered under 4G and let alone 3G in India.

Living in a dead zone: There are some areas where there is low to zero network connectivity. It could be a mountain area, congested area or a dead zone. A mobile signal booster can save you. For whatever reason, the signals aren’t reaching the mobile phones and day to day activities will be hampered. It is difficult especially at this time as many people are working from home. Their productivity can get affected if they don’t get proper mobile signals. Due to this situation, the demand has risen in the past few months for 4G mobile signal booster in Mumbai.

There are various brands providing mobile signal boosters and it can be overwhelming to know which one to buy. One of such brands is Seguro that offers a variety of boosters depending upon the coverage area. With these boosters, there will be no call drops, battery drainage and improved voice clarity.

The signal boosters are also equipped with advanced cooling systems. You can get this brand from AVA Systems. The company is known for its excellent services. They have an expert team taking full precautions while following the protocols.  We hope you will make the right choice decision and save yourself from all the trouble.


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