What to Expect During a Hair Tattoo Session

What to Expect During a Hair Tattoo Session

Before getting scalp micropigmentation or a hair tattoo, you should learn about the process. When you have more information about the treatment, you’ll be prepared for what to expect during the procedure.

Micropigmentation procedures have guidelines regardless of the clinic or hair tattoo location. Following the same guidelines helps to give you desirable results. Here are the things to expect during your hair tattoo session:


Before the first hair tattoo session, you’ll meet your micropigmentation practitioner. The consultation session allows you to select the hair design of your choice. During your consultation, you can take a picture of your scalp before the micropigmentation for comparative purposes.

Your hair tattoo artist can suggest some designs that fit the shape of your hairline. They may offer a variety of hair colors, tints, and pigmentations to choose from, according to your skin tone.

Choosing a Hairline Shape

Your tattoo practitioner can help suggest a few hairline shapes to help you decide the style you want. These may include:

  • Faded Hairline: If you don’t want a full scalp cover, this option is ideal for you. It has soft edges at the front and around the hairline. The defining line can create a more natural and subtle look.
  • Natural or Regular Hairline: A natural hairline practitioner creates a custom hairline for you based on the shape of your head. They use your previous hairline as a guide to help you create the look you want.
  • Widow’s Peak: This style is a broken-edged peak with subtle edges that gives it a natural look. Discuss with your practitioner if this style would work for you. You could try this style of scalp micropigmentation if you had a natural widow’s peak.
  • Emphasized Hairline: An emphasized or defined hairline makes the micropigmentation obvious and pronounced. The edges are done in a darker color than a faded hairline.
  • Receding Hairline: Your tattoo artist recreates your hairline by making slight improvements to give you a natural look. This is an option to consider if you have a receded hairline and do not want to change your look.

Hairline Measurement and Mockup

The tattoo artist can draw the shape of your desired new hairline with a temporary marker or a white wax pencil. It acts as a guide to how the new shape turns out.

Hair Tattoo Pretreatment Preparation

Before starting the micropigmentation, your practitioner will check your scalp for scars or wounds. It is not advisable to apply harsh products and chemicals on broken or scarred skin as it can damage the skin.

The Micropigmentation Process

Scalp micropigmentation typically takes between four and five steps to complete. In the first step, the hair color is applied to your scalp for about two or three hours. You are allowed to take small breaks during the procedure.

In the second step, the artist blends the tattoo with your hair for a more natural and realistic look. The second step often occurs 14 days after the first stage. A few more steps are required to make your scalp tattoo last 4-6 years.

Next Steps After the Procedure

Your hair tattoo artist can give you advice about immediate aftercare. You may be advised to avoid activities like swimming, exercising, and showering to reduce your scalp’s exposure to water. The practitioner may tell you to resume head washing with shampoo after three or four days.

You may be informed about using a mild cleanser after seven days and changing your pillowcases regularly. Your long-term care instructions will include daily scalp moisturizing, reducing exposure to sunlight, and tanning products. The practitioners will let you know if the skin texture around your scalp will change for a few days.

You will be informed about the initial color intensity on your scalp. The color may reduce in intensity as your scalp heals. and your scalp may appear white or bright red immediately after the treatment. The practitioner will help you create a plan to maintain the appearance of the micropigmentation.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Your Hairline

During a tattoo procedure, you will discuss your chosen hairline with the practitioner and learn about the procedure. You can get a hair tattoo using micropigmentation to restore or change your current hairline. Find a practitioner to upgrade your hairline.

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