All Ways to Make Balloons Shiny

Make Balloons Shiny

You tried so hard to inflate, tie your balloons (by the way, these beautiful items weren’t cheap!), and create amazing decorations, but after just a few hours, your balloons have lost their initial shine and got a bit cloudy?

Don’t worry: all balloons fade due to oxidation, but this is not the end, and you can restore their shine with a simple and inexpensive balloon shine spray!

Now we will guide you through this process, as well as give you some tips on how to protect the items from becoming cloudy!

Using sprays to make your balloons shiny

Ultra Hi-Float, Balloon Shine, and Hi-Shine

Any of these solutions is the best, fastest, and most reliable way to return initial shine to your inflatables! These branded sprays are made from quality ingredients and are applied to the item’s surface (both balloons filled with air and helium) before it is inflated.

In addition, some sprays (such as Ultra Hi-Float) contain a substance that extends the life of the air-filled and float time of helium balloons by more than 5 times!

If you are using Hi-Float fluid, then follow the instructions:

  • place an uninflated balloon on a pencil;
  • dip it into a glass with Hi-Float liquid before inflating (prevent the liquid from getting inside the latex product);
  • remove the ball from the solution and wait a few minutes until it drains;
  • point the helium tank nozzle down, put the balloon on it and fill the balloon while it is still damp. The product will stop dripping when inflation starts. It will dry within minutes;
  • tie the balloon’s neck with the ribbon. Try not to touch the balloon (except its neck) until it dries completely.

If you have already inflated your balloons, do the following:

  • mix two parts of water with one part of Hi-Float;
  • carefully pour the liquid onto each ball from the outside.

Enjoy your shiny balloon decorations much longer with Hi-Float!

Other ways to make balloons shiny

There are other products that people often use to make balloons shinier:

  • Tire Shine is the most inexpensive way, but at the same time, not the best. Be careful: it makes the surface of latex products very slippery (your decorations may lose their shape).
  • Armor All Protectant does the job well — after applying it, the inflatables immediately look shinier.
  • Meguiar’s Supreme Shine is also quite good, however, it has a specific smell (it’s not disgusting, more of a neutral one, but it’s there nonetheless).
  • Eagle One Interior Protectant is a good, but more expensive product that returns shine to the balls well, but it also has a specific smell.

Note: do not use silicone spray or oil to make the balloons shinier — they are unlikely to provide the desired result and will stain the objects and things around them.

How to slow down balloon oxidation?

Since latex products are biodegradable, the oxidation is a natural process, so you can’t completely stop it. The good news is that you can significantly slow it down!

Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • store inflated balloons properly by placing them in plastic dry cleaning bags or large trash bags until used;
  • keep the balls away from light and heat sources, avoid exposing the products to sudden changes in temperature;
  • the rate of oxidation depends on the color of the balls: the dull effect is most noticeable on clear balls or bright gem-colored Items. At the same time, it will not be so noticeable on the surface of opaque items of pearl and some other shades.

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