What to Look for When Upgrading from Standard to Retractable Running Boards

Retractable Running Boards

Whether you already have truck step rails or running boards, or if you are looking to add some to your truck, you may be wondering if retractable running boards are worth it.

There are numerous benefits to having running boards, but there are a wide variety of styles and looks to choose from. When deciding which kind to install, do some research and take into consideration your needs, aesthetic desires, and budget.

Benefits of Installing Running Boards

There are various benefits of installing standard or electric running boards. Trucks are higher off the ground than cars, and this can make it difficult to get in and out of, especially for those who are older or vertically challenged.  One of the biggest benefits is they help you get into the vehicle easier.

The ease of getting in and out of the truck also means that there is improved safety. Not having that extra step could mean that someone could fall. Most running boards also have a texture to them, so even in inclement weather, there is not the chance of slipping.

One benefit is that running boards help to keep the interior of the cab clean. Before getting into the truck, you can scrape any dirt, mud or other debris off of your shoe onto the boards.

Because running boards extend a little below the bottom of the truck, this provides some protection. If you run over anything, the boards take on the damage and not your truck, which is a lot cheaper to fix.

For some people, having running boards adds a style component to the truck. Most boards can be customized in regard to the color, material, texture, and design, which means you can personalize them to make a statement.

Standard vs Retractable Running Boards

Now that you know the many benefits of running boards, you need to figure out if you want standard or retractable ones. Standard ones are permanently affixed and will always be seen.

However, retractable ones, such as AMP research running boards, come out when the door is open and then they retract underneath the vehicle once the doors are closed. This allows for a sleeker look if someone does not want the bulkiness of a side board to show all the time.

Many of the retractable boards also come out at a lower level than standard ones, which makes it even easier for certain people to enter the truck. However, this can also make it more awkward for taller individuals, as the boards do not fit the height as well as standard ones do.

Having retractable ones also allows for more ground clearance. One downside of retractable boards is that they can be more difficult to clean, as they only come out when the door is open.

A big difference between standard and retractable running boards is the price. Retractable ones are more expensive than standards ones, and sometimes by quite a bit depending on the type.

Installing running boards is generally a good idea, but it is worth taking the time to understand the differences between the two options.


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