Which Diamond Shape Is Perfect For Your Engagement Ring?

Perfect For Your Engagement Ring

The star, heart, and even soul of an engagement ring are none other than its center diamond. The addition of diamonds to an engagement ring helps to enhance its look and make it look expensive as well as unique. The first thing that matters most to each buyer during an engagement ring purchase is its diamond. After all, it is the ring’s diamond, that makes it look more beautiful and also defines its cost. For those looking to learn the difference and understand the options, there is more relevant information here.

A common thing that usually confuses buyers during the engagement ring purchase is the diamond shape/cut. The cut of the diamond is known for influencing both the radiance of the diamond and the style of your ring. This makes it important for you to ensure that the diamond shape you are going to choose is perfect for your engagement ring. No doubt, this whole process of diamond shape selection is not so easy. But knowing more about each type of diamond shape, and its features, help you save time and make the right selection.

Types of Diamond shapes

Round Cut Diamonds

The round cut is a diamond shape that maximizes the diamond fire at the right reflection of light, and is often used as part of bespoke diamond engagement rings.  This type of diamond shape has been in existence for hundreds of years. The diamond shape is best suited to those who want to add a classic and traditional look to their engagement ring. Round-cut diamonds have a precise cut.

The sparkle of these diamonds is unparalleled. The diamonds are guaranteed to shine for eternity. The round shape perfectly hides the color tints and inclusions from the naked eye. The 360-degree symmetrical shape of these diamonds not just makes them unique but also more expensive than all other diamond shapes. The versatile shape of these diamonds makes them perfect for every setting.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamond shape is known for its square or rectangular look. These diamonds either have a square shape or rectangular shape which is outlined with rounded corners. This type of diamond shape is timeless and works perfectly in most setting types. This diamond shape is a hybrid between a square and a round cut.

Cushion-cut diamonds have softer edges, which makes them perfect for the engagement rings of those people who have an active lifestyle. Their unique, and softer edges give your engagement ring a more romantic feel. The diamonds of this shape have 58 brilliant facets. Due to the affordable cost of these diamonds, they are considered the most for today’s modern engagement rings. These diamonds have a curve that bounces the light around them as well as gives the diamond an excellent amount of brilliance.

excellent amount of brilliance

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Another popular diamond shape that always remains in demand is the oval shape. Oval diamonds have huge popularity among celebrities. Due to this, they are known as a strong player in the engagement and wedding ring industry. Diamonds of this shape have intense sparkle. They are slightly more elongated than round-cut diamonds.

Even a small oval-cut diamond gives the appearance of a large diamond in the engagement ring. This makes these diamonds a perfect diamond option for all those ring buyers who have a limited budget but want their engagement ring to look expensive. The elongated, and graceful appearance of these diamonds makes them perfect for engagement rings with minimalist designs and maximal clusters.

and maximal clusters

Pear Shape Diamonds

Pear shape diamonds are known for their vintage look. The diamonds of this shape turn out to be perfect for vintage and three-stone engagement rings. Pear shape diamonds come in a variety of shapes. They are one of the most intriguing cuts that resemble a teardrop.

The diamonds of this shape offer maximum brilliance as well as fire. They not just suit most hand types, but are also great for those buyers who love antique engagement ring styles. You can also add pear shape diamonds to the engagement ring if your partner has wide, short fingers. These diamonds give an elongated illusion to short hands.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut is a diamond shape which is characterized by a rectangular step cut. This type of diamond has an open table, as well as cropped corners. Generally, these diamonds are rectangular but you can also get them in square shapes.

Emerald-cut diamonds are known for their chamfer corners or diagonal cuts. Emerald diamond engagement rings are known for their glamorous and expensive look. Their Long step cuts not just make them beautiful but also define all four sides.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut is another popular diamond shape. The sharp right-angle corners as well as the combination of emerald and brilliant cut, make give it a unique look. The shallow crown and square silhouette of these diamonds make them perfect for buyers who love the look of solitaire engagement rings. These diamonds have flat slides and are much more affordable than many other diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Before buying an engagement ring it is important to familiarize yourself with different terms of jewelers that are usually used around the world to describe popular and unique diamond shapes. Along with the diamond shape, the type of diamond you choose for your engagement ring also depends on your budget and preference. Consulting an expert during the purchase help you pick the best ring for your partner.

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