Why Metal Garages Are Beneficial Over Traditional Garages

Beneficial Over Traditional Garages

Buying a garage represents a significant investment of money, time, and effort, and you definitely wouldn’t want to waste any of these by making a wrong decision. Many materials can be used to build a garage, but metal and wooden garages are the ones you would hear about the most.  Metal and wooden garages have their own pros and cons; but investing in a metal garage would be a wiser decision.

Last moment decision might make you regret it in the long term. We’d suggest you do thorough research of what you are investing in and why.

Metal has seen substantial growth over time and has become an industry favorite today. Knowing the differentiating factors of metal and wood will make it easier for you to decide why and which option you would like to invest in.

Save Your Money with Metal Garage

Buying a metal garage means saving money, and who wouldn’t like to save it and still get the best on the market? A metal garage is a cost-effective option when compared to wood.

It is easier to build a garage with metal than wood. The metal garages come in prefab kits that are customizable and also easy to install. Besides, a metal garage also has many advantages like longer life, resistance to fire, storms, mold, and pests that make it a low maintenance structure.

Metal is Versatile

Metal is versatile, and no other material can give it a competition in terms of versatility. It can be formed into any shape or size and can be given any customization you like.

Most metal building dealers provide metal buildings like metal sheds, metal storage buildings, carports, or garages, and offer prefabricated metal building kits that are easy to use and install. The metal building kit comes with a manual and tools and accessories to install it.

Wooden garages do not come in the form of kits. They need to be built from scratch with the help of a professional. On the other hand, you can pre-order your customized metal garage kit and install it yourself. It’s like a do-it-yourself project.

Go for a Metal Garage If You Want More Security

Now that you have read about some of the advantages of metal over wood, ask yourself, which option would offer you more safety and security?

Metal is resistant to mold and pests, fire, and corrosion. Let us assume that your neighboring wooden garage has caught fire and is breaking down; that time, your metal garage will stand firm unaffected by the fire.

Metal is safe to that level. What about storms? We have the answer to that too. Metal buildings are built according to the area codes and certifications. They stand still during the storms too. The coat of paint on metal buildings also remains intact after a storm has hit your area.

Wood on the other hand, easily catches an insect infestation, fire, and rotting. Cracking is common to see in wooden structures after a storm. A metal structure is fire and rust-proof, and the repairs and maintenance needed for metal structures after any storm or hazardous incident are less than the wooden structures.

Investing in any of the metal garage buildings can bring you lots of peace of mind. Your vehicles and equipment will be safe under a metal garage no matter what!

Steel Buildings Are Environment-Friendly

Metal and wood both are environment-friendly materials. Perhaps, steel has the edge over wood as it is fully recyclable. Steel buildings can be recycled and used for many years. They can also be melted and transformed into a new structure easily.

Your metal garage can also have ventilation and insulation that would keep it cool during the scorching summers. That’s how your metal garage will be energy-efficient too.

Talking about wood, wood is biodegradable and can be decomposed once your use for the garage is over. Wood uses less energy for cooling and heating and is environment-friendly too.

But, a wooden garage is made from trees, which is where a metal garage has an edge.

Quick Build Time and Easy Installation

Want your garage to be built quickly? Then go with a metal garage. Metal structures take less time to build. They come in prefab kits that are easy to install.

If you decide to go with a wooden garage, your garage will take time to get built. It will have to be made from scratch even though no special tools would be required. Building a wooden garage would take time and mean increased cost because its installation is no DIY activity.

We would suggest you hire a trained and expert professional to install your garage in both cases.

Get Your Dream Garage!

Metal garages are an ideal choice to go with if you do not keep aesthetics as the prime decision-making factor. Wooden garages have better appeal, but a metal garage is more effective and practical when you think about long-term usage.

Metal garages have multiple customization options, and what more can you expect? You can even give a wooden finish to your metal garage. Besides, they are strong, durable, and economical. They can last for ages if maintained properly.

If you still have questions, you can reach our experts at Boss Buildings, and if you feel you still are unable to decide, you can try the 3D estimator and have a virtual tour of the metal garage before actually investing in it!

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