Why Mom And Baby Matching Outfits Popular

Mom And Baby Matching Outfits Popular

All we do is twin, twin, twin, no matter what!

We see celebrities constantly being the center of attraction with their twin fashion. There are many of them who have pushed the fashion envelope and are bringing back the old trends. One of them is the twinning trend. Not only celebs, but you can also see parents and their lovely babies wearing the same outfits for a vacation, party, or photoshoot.

Moms have been observed posting pictures of their daughter in mom and baby matching outfits. This mom-and-me trend is spreading like fire on social media platforms. Apart from this, there are many families who are seen wearing family matching outfits, especially for photoshoots. If you’re baffled about this trend, let’s understand more about it!

Twinning is winning!

Why Mom And Baby Matching Outfits Popular

How it Started

Mom and baby twinning date back to the year 1900. It has gone in and out of style, a number of times. It came back into the culture when there was more emphasis on the mother-daughter relationship. In the year 1908, when this trend started, it didn’t last for a very long duration because The Great Depression sidetracked a lot of luxurious industries.

When this depression hit, even the upscale women couldn’t afford mom and baby matching outfits for themselves. Soon, the economy was rebounded and the trends returned. Once again, women were spotted wearing mom and baby matching outfits while they did cooking, cleaning, breastfeeding, and all the household chores along with their babies.

In the present era, celebs have taken this trend to Instagram by dressing up their little munchkins in the same outfits. The female celebrities are spotted taking part in a fun activity and posing wearing these mom and baby matching outfits.

Some trend-setters in twinning are Kim Kardashian West and her daughter North West, Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy, Kylie Jenner along with her daughter Stormi, and many more.

The Bad

Every trend has its own setbacks. This trend might be popular but it has also received criticism. Those who are not in the favor of this trend strongly believe that the age gap is something that hinders this trend. Some believe that parents and children should not wear the same outfits because of the big age gap and different viewpoints as it makes it difficult for both parties to look appropriate.

Most times, mothers look silly and immature while their kids look good in the same outfit. So, it’s important to select appropriate mom and baby matching outfits while you plan to twin with your baby. Many people have also said that wearing matching outfits shows the lack of willingness and independence in parents and children.

The Good

Those who follow the trend are in love with the positive image it conveys. In the initial period of this trend, when it started, affluent parents took part in it because they had the time to afford high-end fashion outfits, plan the outfits and sew them accordingly.

However, with the passage of time, this trend was believed to represent the strong bond and relationship between a mom and her baby. Wearing mom and baby matching outfits is seen as an investment in their child’s likes and interests.

It is now seen as a pleasure of enjoying dress up and spending time together. No matter what people say about the trend, mothers and daughters are definitely enjoying this trend because of the strong togetherness and bonding it creates.

To briefly conclude, if you haven’t tried this trend yet, you must definitely look for appropriate mom and baby matching outfits that would suit you both. Participating in this trend is going to help you make memories.

It will further bond you with your babies. Both the parties will spend time, have fun and play together. It’s your time to make a wise decision and choose an online store where you could find beautiful mom and baby matching outfits. Complete your look without making an excuse.

Because, Double the trouble, more the fun!

Always remember, sometimes miracles come in pairs!

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