3 Common Misconceptions Regarding Learner Approved Motorbikes in Sydney

LAMS motorbike sydney

Sydney is characterised by its location in Australia’s southeastern coast, bordered by the Hawkesbury River to the north, the Blue Mountains to the west, and the Royal National Park to the south. Sydney is known for its proximity to some of the country’s gorgeous locations, which is perfect for individuals who love to explore.

Because Sydney is in a geographical sweet spot, most Sydneysiders are passionate about taking road trips to different state locations using their motorbikes, especially novice riders with LAMS motorbike sydney.

However, despite LAMS motorbike’s significance, there are still beginner riders who hesitate to invest in them because of false beliefs. Here are the three common misconceptions regarding learner approved motorbikes in Sydney.

Novice Riders in Sydney Don’t Need a Learner Approved Motorbike

According to an article by the Australian College of Road Safety, approximately 27% of motorbike riders in Sydney have less than six years of experience. Thus, a significant number of the population is at risk of experiencing road accidents and crashes because there are not yet expert drivers. Fortunately, a learner approved motorbike provides a solution.

A learner approved motorbike is a low or moderately-powered vehicle that greatly reduces the risk of vehicular accidents from occurring. This is why it is the vehicle recommended by the authorities to Sydneysiders that have a learner, provisional P1, or P2 rider license. According to reports, 40% of riders in the city use LAMS motorbike sydney.

 Approved Motorbikes in Sydney

All Motorbikes Can Be Used as a Learner Approved Vehicle

One common misconception regarding motorbikes in Sydney is that they are all learner approved, and can be used by novice riders. However, this is not true. A motorbike needs to have a set of features for it to be considered learner approved. For instance, a motorbike can only be labelled as learner approved if the engine capacity does not exceed 660ml.

Also, a LAMS motorbike needs to have a power-to-weight ratio of less than 150 kW per tonne for it to be considered safe for novice riders. Thus, it is crucial that you only buy from reputable sellers of motorbikes because it ensures that you will get the appropriate motorbike for your needs.

Learner Approved Motorbikes Can Be Customised

According to the New South Wales Government, learner approved motorbikes should not be customised, personalised, or modified. This is to ensure that its features are apt for riders who have little experience in using motorbikes. Doing modifications to a learner approved motorbike increases the risk of unwanted accidents from happening, which is why authorities can give you penalties and sanctions for it.

To ensure that you buy a learner approved motorbike with manufacturer’s standard specifications, you should only buy from a known dealer. This is because they only offer genuine and authentic products, which are not modified or refurbished. By this way, you won’t be undermining your safety on the road and avoiding penalties from the authorities.

The misconceptions mentioned above can guide you to get a motorbike that strictly follows the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities. If you are a beginner rider that would like to cruise around Sydney and neighbouring locations, getting a learner approved motorbike should be your priority. Check out a reliable and trusted dealer of motorbikes today!

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