5 Reasons Your E-commerce Business Must Use Big Data

5 Reasons Your E-commerce Business Must Use Big Data

Big data provides advantages in e-commerce like optimizing the shopping experience, improving customer service, ensuring safer payments, and so on.

Ecommerce is getting more popular than any other business method because it is much more adaptable and flexible.

Another reason e-commerce is growing is because of big data. An online business needs strategies and techniques to make sure they can hold customers, and with the help of big data, they can do so.

Ecommerce can have much safer and more approachable conditions than the traditional retail market, and using big data puts them at an advantage.

What Is Big Data?

Big data refers to the data that includes the lifestyle, living patterns, and shopping behavior of humans. These large data sets can provide insights into the latest trends and shopping behavior. The business owners can access this data through data brokers.

Many small business owners believe that getting this knowledge is very costly, and only large online retail shops can access this. But that is not true anymore.

This data can be accessed by the smaller retail shops as well. These smaller businesses can analyze the data and gain the benefit that even large retail shops cannot.

But, unfortunately, the business industry is using less than 0.5% of available data. If they cannot use the most out of it, they cannot benefit from big data.

According to the recent reports of BARC, using big data helps make strategic decisions, improves operational controls, and reduces overall costs by 47% to enhance your Ecommerce business.

This article will show you how you can use big data to gain the upper hand.

Use Big Data

1. Analyze The Behavior Of Shoppers

Big data can help you gain details about the shoppers through SEO. The details included in the data are what preferences the shopper has and what time they usually buy products.

You can optimize SEO using big data and gain better insight into your target market and customers.

This can give the seller a significant edge as they can market the products that appeal to the customer while not showing them the irrelevant ads.

For example, when you figure out the time the shoppers usually buy, you can provide them with ads that will attract their attention, and as you know their preferences, you can show them exactly what they want. This, in return, will tempt/prompt them to buy your product.

Another thing big data is famous for is getting unpredictable data. For example, it was seen that people who buy diapers also buy beers. This way, the e-commerce site can show ads of both these things, which will increase their sales and profit.

Data goes beyond advertising. If you know what buyers are searching for, things get a whole lot easier. It’s known as intent data. Basically, you’re learning about what the customer’s intent is behind the actual search. The trick is in using intent data to generate quality marketing leads, as well as sales. You need to either buy intent data or try to research it for yourself. If you can work out what the intent is behind each search, you’ll be able to tailor your offerings precisely, so that the customer will find exactly what they’re looking for and will be more inclined to check out. It works for e-commerce or for digital products and services.

2. Helps Provide Better Customer Service

Big data can help provide better customer service as well. This way, you will be able to retain the trust of existing customers while also attracting new ones.

A loyal customer can spend up to 67% more than newer customers, so it is of absolute importance that you provide good quality customer service and keep your existing customers loyal to your products.

And what other way is there to provide better customer care than through the help of the internet. By gaining big data, you can understand and predict what type of problems people will face and prepare a solution.

So, when the customers come to you with a complaint, you can instantly give them the solution. This will also help build better trust with the customer.

3. Provide Personal Shopping Experience To The Customers

As mentioned before, e-commerce is very popular among people in business, and because of this popularity, there is intense competition.

Because of this competition, businesses have to provide their customers’ unique shopping experiences to stand out from the crowd.

Using big data, you can see what the shoppers have looked for and what requirements they are looking for in their product. Once you learn about it, mail them about your products that have those similar features. Sending them discount offers on the product will also help you gain the attention of more customers.

As the shopping experience of the customer’s increases, so does the profit of your online business.

4. Ensures Safe Payment Methods

Making payments online is an easy task, but many people avoid it because of trust issues. Whether you are a big or small business, you need to ensure your customers can make safe payments.

With the help of big data, you can also confirm safe and secure payment methods. Big data has information on different payment functions. With this information, sellers can integrate all the processes in a centralized platform.

This will make payment trends much easier and safer. You can also look for the payment methods trending right now with your target audience and use that method for your business.

5. Better Logistics Management

As mentioned before, big data can help you gain insights into people’s interests and preferences. This will allow you to stock up on products perfectly.

Stocking up on products for an online retail shop is much harder than a traditional retail shop. In an online retail shop, if you stock up on the product in a small number, then you risk running out of inventory to be shipped on time.

However, if you stock up too much, you need additional cost to store them, and if they are left unsold, it will result in losses. Therefore, to maintain proper logistics, you need big data.

With the help of big data, you will know the buying trends of the shoppers. This will allow you to understand and predict how many products will be sold, when you need to restock, and when you should switch to another product.

Final Thoughts

E-commerce is an extremely challenging business field, and without proper strategy and planning, it will be tough to survive. To ensure your e-commerce overcomes obstacles and thrives, we advise you to use big data to its full potential. Not only will you be able to generate more sales, but you will also be able to plan out future campaigns for your business.

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