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4 Benefits of Water Softener At Home

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Clogged plumbing. Soap scum. Irritated skin. Damaged appliances. What sets hard water apart from soft water is more obvious than you might think. In comparison to hard water, soft water’s mineral count is drastically lower.

Those minerals collect from passing through limestone, chalk, and gypsum deposits. It can smell, carry a strange taste, and leave clothes left dirty after a round in the washing machine.

Forget about the negatives for a moment, though. We’re here to talk to you about the positive effects of having a water softener at home and how it can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

A water softener acts as a filter to reduce the mineral count in the water that goes through your home. From the clothes you wash to the baths you take, a water softener makes a difference that matters in your day to day life at home. These benefits won’t just keep you and your house cleaner, but the stress it can take off your shoulders can be a great relief in times as stressful as these.

Soft water means fewer messes to scrub.

According to Water Softener Installation Services: “There’s a lot of signs that a bathroom is facing the consequences of hard water. Stains in the toilet bowl, soap scum in the sink, mildew on the shower curtain or doors. All this means more time bent over, scrubbing away at a problem that is bound to come back without a water softener.”

Soft water means fewer messes to scrub

Your time is invaluable, and we make sure to treat it as such. Soft water means a cleaner home that is free from the minerals that do harsh damage to your surfaces and appliances. It means more time towards things that matter to you. Perhaps catching up on some emails, or playing with your grandkids? The list of things that are more productive than wondering why the dishwasher’s acting up again is endless.

Soft water means saved money.

To tie in with the previous benefit, time is money. And soft water saves you time from maintenance and cleaning. Think of it as buying an expensive pair of boots versus a cheap pair. While you may save money buying the less expensive pair, they will most likely wear out after using them for a year.

Softer skin, cleaner clothes.

Before too long, you’ll find yourself buying a pair all over again. Compare this with investing in a pair that lasts for years. Your home, like your body, is a temple. You wouldn’t tolerate low-quality air circulating through your lungs. So why tolerate low-quality water through your home?

Softer skin, cleaner clothes.

Your clothing is delicate. After all, it’s the tiniest of threads sewn together that keeps them together. Hard water can cause notable damage onto your clothing when you run them through the washing machine. Due to its higher mineral count, hard water will leave deposits throughout the fabric of your clothing, causing it to deteriorate. This will also result in the colours fading. Compare this to soft water. The lack of minerals ensures that the water will dissolve into the fabrics, making the laundry detergent work the way it’s intended.

Your skin is no different in this case. One of the keys to a healthy skin barrier is to stay moisturized. Soft water has a lower mineral count. This makes it easier for your skin to hold to the water and maintain the moisture that keeps it looking young and glowing. Soft water means your hygiene products work more efficiently as well, such as body wash or shampoo.

Soft water is better for the environment.

The most meaningful impact soft water can have is reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. Do you ever find yourself waiting at a sink or the bathtub, waiting for the water to turn warm for what feels like ages?

Soft water is better for the environment

Well, hard water takes longer to warm up than soft water. By this point, you can probably guess as to why that is: mineral count. Having water that can warm up more efficiently is less of a burden on your heating system, which translates to less energy used.

As green energy appliances become more and more popular, it’s essential to have environmentally friendly water to go with them. Installing a water softener is an essential component for any eco-friendly home, especially if you live within a region known to carry hard water.

Want to learn which regions are most affected by hard water throughout Ontario? There is a sourced directory for each city that indexes the water hardness levels.

If you find that you live somewhere with a high rate of hardened water, we’d advise you to consider installing a water softener into your home. There’s a 10-year installation warranty with all our systems, as we value this investment as much as you do. The quality of the water in your home does not have to be defined by your region in which you live.

We’ve made our case for installing a water softener. Now it’s up to you to make the final call. Don’t worry though, for every step of the way, we’ve got your back. A hassle-free journey towards softer water is easy. Whether you’re intrigued by saving time, money, helping the environment, or all the above, it’s just a phone call away with Smile HVAC.

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